Poll – How Reliable Is Your Logic Pro X System?

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Logic Pro X Reliability

Yesterday on Pro Tools Expert, Pro Tools users have been polled and it seems like there’s a lot of problems. At all the Expert sites, we would like to see if this is the same across all major DAW’s. So, regardless of what kind of Mac you’re using to run Logic Pro X, how reliable would you say your Logic Pro X system is?

Take the poll, and of course comments are welcome:

Logic Pro From A to Z – D is for Duplicate, Delay, and Delete

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d is for duplicate delay delete

Densely populated arrangements often contain repetitions of the same content at various places along the timeline and/or on different instruments. The use of aliases and copy/paste functions, like we looked at in the last few articles, are two very powerful methods of repeating needed events or regions where needed. But Logic Pro also has several other methods.