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Using the Touch Bar in Logic Pro X 10.3 without Having a Touch Bar


The good news is that the brand new Logic Pro X 10.3 update provides super cool implementations for the Touch Bar. The bad news is that you need one of those brand new MacBook Pros that come with a Touch Bar … or do you? In this article, I show how you can still enjoy the loveliness of Touch Bar functionality in Logic Pro X 10.3, even if you don’t have a real Touch Bar (yet).

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Video – Using the Waves Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel

a screenshot of the waves eddie kramer vocal plugin in logic pro x

Logic Pro X contains a plethora of great sounding EQ, compressor, delay, reverb, and other plug-ins useful for vocal processing. A great deal of control and creative possibility is available in shaping the sound of a track. It can however be time consuming experimenting and zeroing in on the optimal signal flow and settings. The idea behind Waves’ signature series vocal processing plug-ins is to do a lot of the work in advance for you, while still offering a degree of creative control.

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