Logic Pro From A to Z – I is for Input

Written by Eli Krantzberg on . Posted in Logic Pro X Tips

I is for Input

I’m going to write about Inputs in this post. Inputs, you’re wondering? Either stick a mic in your audio interface, a MIDI cable into a MIDI interface, or a USB cable directly into the computer. We all already know that. Here I’ll share six tips with you as to how you can modify the input signal reaching Logic Pro before hitting the record button. Three dealing with Audio, and three with MIDI.

Free Kontakt Instrument – Waves Factory Freelodica

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free kontakt instruments freelodica

Sofar it has been quite a good week for those looking to expand their library of free Kontakt instruments. Kindly brought to you by Wavesfactory, this melodica sample library has been modeled after the imperfect behaviour of the real thing, with both original tuning and perfectly tuned samples, 2 microphone positions, breath controls, and more.