EQ Ear Training for Mixing Engineers : TrainYourEars EQ 2.0

TrainYourEars EQ 2.0 is out, a brand new application for Mac and PC that makes EQ ear training for mixing engineers – both beginner and advanced – cool and intuitive.

EQ Ear Training for Mixing Engineers – How it Works


EQ Exercises and Methods

  • Any music you’d like to use for ear training sessions can be loaded into the application. These could be your own audio files, or tracks from other music applications such as Spotify and iTunes. You can also test your skills on plain pink and white noise.
  • You then choose an ear training exercise, to learn the difference between a Low Cut and a Low Shelf, or a High Cut and a High Shelf for example. Exercises can also be designed from scratch: you can design custom EQ quizes to train your ears to recognize specific frequencies, EQ filter types, boosts and cuts, Q-factors, or a combination of parameters for unlimited possibilities. Regardless your current EQ skills, you can always adjust your exercises to something that will keep challenging you once your EQ skills begin to improve.

Guess the EQ

  • Next, you choose an EQ ear training method. With the Guess Method , you listen both to the unprocessed and processed audio, then guess which EQ parameters were altered. This is the classic method that has been used for over 40 years by thousands of successful mixing engineers.

Correct the EQ

  • By using the new Correct Method, the app will start throwing EQ problems at you. You’ll have to apply your EQ skills to make a processed audio file sound like the original again. Do this together with the app’s ability to play tracks from Spotify or iTunes – and you could be fixing EQ issues on reference tracks you know best! This new Correct Method was suggested by audio mastering engineer and author of “Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science” Bob Katz, and implemented in version 2.0 of TrainYourEars EQ.


Watch the video below to see how this all works… pay special attention to the EQ example at 0:28…

Did you get it right?

TrainYourEars EQ Edition 2.0 Review

Here’s Pro Tools Expert’s Dan Cooper doing a 5-minute review of TrainYourEars EQ 2.0.

  • Jump to 0:40 to get to know the Audio Player’s features
  • Jump to 0:50 to get to know the Live Player’s features
  • At 1:08, note the AU/VST hosting capabilities of the software.
  • Skip to 1:31 to see the EQ ear training exercises that come bundled with the app
  • Jump to 3:08 to see how to make your own equalisation exercises with the app

Train Your Ears EQ Pricing & Upgrading

TrainYourEars EQ 2.0 normally costs € 89, but is available now for only € 49 (around USD 53 at today’s currency exchange rate) thanks to a special launch offer. For those who bought version 1 in 2015, the upgrade will be free. People who bought it before 2015 can purchase the ear training app at an additional 50% discount over the already discounted price – for a total discount of 75%.

For more information, documentation and user testimonials, visit the TrainYourEars EQ 2.0 website!

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