Logic Pro Tutorial – Secondary Modulation with EXS 24

Secondary Modulation with EXS 24 03 Fixed LFO 2 value

I just completed a series of videos on the new Analog Strings instrument from Output and was blown away with the incredible sounding modulations created with their Flux feature. This type of function is often referred to as secondary modulation: modulating the modulator. The rhythmically complex patterns that result are very compelling. How can we emulate this sort of vibe with Logic Pro’s plug-ins?

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Poll – Which Mac Do You Use to Run Logic Pro ?

logic pro x macbook

Apple’s Logic Pro developers have been hard at work. The recent 10.3 (and 10.3.1) updates are fantastic. However, as with their other “single dot” releases, the minimum OS requirements were updated. Apple’s (unofficial) policy seems to be to support one Mac OS version previous to the current one, but nothing earlier. So, with Sierra being the current Mac OS, El Capitan became the minimum OS required for Logic Pro X 10.3, just as Yosemite became the minimum OS required to run Logic Pro X 10.2.

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NAMM 2017 – Singing in the Rain

a screenshot of logic pro x 10.3

I’ve just returned from a productive and invigorating edition of the NAMM 2017 show. For me, NAMM serves two functions. On the one hand is the business end of it. It is my annual opportunity to meet with colleagues and friends, visit with audio plug-in developers I deal with doing my Groove3 videos throughout the year, and get the scoop on new and upcoming releases and developments in our little corner of the world.

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“Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.3” – 150 Pages of Every Detail


The Graphically Enhanced Release Notes are now available as a 150 pages book “Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.3“, at http://LogicProGEM.com. The book provides the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of all the new features and changes with in-depth explanations for this major update of Logic Pro X. Everything is well laid out with lots of unique diagrams and graphics and includes information and instructions not found anywhere else.

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Using the Touch Bar in Logic Pro X 10.3 without Having a Touch Bar


The good news is that the brand new Logic Pro X 10.3 update provides super cool implementations for the Touch Bar. The bad news is that you need one of those brand new MacBook Pros that come with a Touch Bar … or do you? In this article, I show how you can still enjoy the loveliness of Touch Bar functionality in Logic Pro X 10.3, even if you don’t have a real Touch Bar (yet).

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Review – Exponential Audio R4

Exponential Audio R4 Review Title Image

Exponential Audio offer three fantastic sounding reverb plug-ins. Phoenixverb, R2, and Nimbus. R4 ups the ante with unprecedented features to shape the early reflections and tail portions of the reverb signal independently. It is the culmination of “clean” and “character” reverbs rolled into one easy to use reverb plug-in that does everything you need and didn’t know you needed from reverb. Let’s take a look at what makes R4 unique.

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Review – Eventide Fission

a screenshot of the Eventide Fission plugin

Every once in a while a new plug-in comes out that really does something, well, new! And Eventide Fission is one of them. I have had the great pleasure of being able to give it a spin, and it is fantastic. The only thing that comes even a little bit close to doing what it does within Logic Pro X’s suite of built-in plug-ins is the Enveloper.

And only just barely.

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Video Tutorial – Using Waves Greg Wells PianoCentric

a screenshot of the waves pianocentric plugin in logic pro x

In part two of a new series of free Waves video tutorials, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the Greg Wells PianoCentric plugin and puts it on an acoustic piano and a Rhodes. PianoCentric is part of the Waves Greg Wells Signature Series of plugins that was developed in collaboration with GRAMMY®-nominated producer and mixing engineer Greg Wells.

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