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How To Sync Your Channel Strip Settings With Dropbox


If you have Logic Pro installed on more than one Mac, here’s a way to keep all your Channelstrip Settings in sync between both systems, using Dropbox. Although Logic Pro offers a way to backup and share your Channel Strip Settings, Plugin Settings, and Key Commands with Apple’s Mobile Me, nothing beats Dropbox at the moment. It’s easy to set up, it’s free, and as instant as you want it to be.

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How To Make Audio To Midi Groove Templates – Part Two

In part one, we looked at extracting a groove template from a record.

We’ll look at another great source for groove templates : your Apple Loop collection. Most, if not all, MIDI loops in there (the green ones) have been either programmed or quantized, so their timing is not that interesting – unless you like everything tight of course. But then you probably won’t be needing groove templates. Most of the blue loops have been played live, and you can use these as a source for your groove templates too. Let’s see what we’ll encounter.

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Use Your Caps Lock Keyboard As A Controller

logic pro caps lock keyboard

It’s the smallest MIDI keyboard in the world : the Caps Lock Keyboard. When you’re on the road and you’ve only brought your Macbook, this will have to do. Its timing is a bit sloppy, and you can only play six notes at once. Anyone who can play six notes at once on this thing, while still sounding musical, is a boss! The reason I am posting about it, is that you can use the Caps Lock Keyboard as a controller source, making it the smallest controller in the world too.

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How To Work The Stereo Base With The Direction Mixer

logic pro direction mixer

This time we’ll look at how to get more precise control with the Direction Mixer in Logic Pro. You can use the Direction Mixer to spread the stereo base of left/right recordings. Setting the Spread Value to 0.0 will give a summed mono signal, a setting of 1.0 will give the original left/right stereo image, and a setting of 2.0 will extend the stereo base further. There’s only 20 steps going from summed mono to a fully extended stereo base, which is somewhat of a rough scale.

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