How To Enhance Transients With Enveloper

Transients, or the attack phases of sounds, are very important in music. A transient is what makes a snare snappy, a kick punchy, andsoforth. Those first signature milliseconds are telling you : ‘Smack, I’m a snare, and I’m loud’ … or : ‘I wish they’d hit me harder’ …Compression is still a good way to work those transients, like it’s always been. But there’s a quicker way to alter the initial phase of a sound with Enveloper. And it’s level-independent.

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Mid Side Processing: Solo The Sides – Part 1

Whenever you find yourself stuck in a rut mixing a production, and you feel you’ve run out of ideas, listening to your favorite record with headphones may point you in the right direction again. For an even deeper understanding of what’s going on in a stereo mix, and what tools the pros may have used to accomplish a good mix, put on your favourite track and listen to the side information only with a mid side processing plugin.

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Making Disco Claps, Part Two

a disco ball

Let’s continue with part two of ‘Making Disco Claps’. There’s more fun to be had with audio alone, so I’ll introduce EXS24 at a later stage in this series. I’d like to add that there is no right way to do this, I’m just giving you options on what tools to use. Drop me a comment if there’s something that you don’t understand.

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Transient Detection Accuracy In Logic Pro

When converting audio from one form to another, preservation of transients is essential. How good is Logic Pro’s transient detection? Is your audio affected in any way after converting it to an EXS24 Sampler Instrument, and then bouncing it back in place? Let’s do a test and see if there’s any loss or modification of transients when you convert an Apple Loop to an EXS24 Sampler Instrument, and bounce the result back to a regular audio file. Zooming in…

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How To Build An Aggregate Audio Device

aggregate audio device

With the OS X Audio/Midi Setup application, in Applications->Utilities, you can combine several audio interfaces and make them behave like one. This way, you can use more than one audio interface in Logic Pro simultaneously without having to switch drivers in Audio Preferences. The Pro section at has a clear tutorial on how to build such an aggregate audio device.

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