The Sound And Music Of Angry Birds

music and sound of angry birds

Finland based composer and sound designer Ari Pulkkinen seems to be one of the most listened to composers in the world right now with over 250 million people who have heard his original Angry Birds theme. Pulkkine’s catchy theme was also recently performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra which was part of a music festival in the city.

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Stick With Mono

This is a commercial about the Bob Dylan Box Set “Original Mono Recordings”. It satirizes the “scientists” back in the 60’s who used to say that “this whole stereo stampede is nothing but a flim flam, to trick teenagers into paying more for records”. The album came out in October 19, 2010.

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Vocals On Varispeed: Vocal Doubling Plugin-Free

Varispeed, according to our beloved manual: “Varispeed provides a way to speed up or slow down the entire project, similar to the original varispeed feature of tape machines. The most practical use for this option is checking how a project might sound at a faster or slower tempo, and for practicing and/or recording a performance at a lower speed“.

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Benny Blanco – Behind the Scenes Documentary

A documentary about Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Benny Blanco, the man behind hit songs from Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Taio Cruz, Britney Spears, Wiz Khalifa, Mike Posner, Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston and others. Featuring artist Neon Hitch and songwriter Claude Kelly. A film by Jeremy Gillam.

A little studiotime with Benny:

A Complete Reinstall Of Logic Studio In 40 Minutes.

Before I forget: Last week I upgraded to a brand new, smoking Two 2.66GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro. I did a complete reinstall of all my plugins and a clean install of Logic Studio. Installing Logic Studio only took about 40 minutes (all discs!). How, you may wonder? By using Disc Images. I knew these would turn out to be handy one day… I mounted all images at once, and skipped the verification process.

Read more about making disc images of your install discs right here.

Tonara (iPad)

Playing a musical instrument can be challenging, especially for beginners. Trying to follow along with sheet music and having to turn the pages while playing only adds to the difficulty. Tonara has developed an iPad app that helps eliminate this burden while providing additional innovative features to assist musicians.

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The DNA Of Music : ‘How Music Works’


In this film composer Howard Goodall looks at melody’s basic elements. Why are some melodic shapes common to all cultures across the world? Can successful melodies be written at random? If not, what are the familiar melodic patterns composers of all types of music have fallen back on again and again, and why do they work?

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Review: Sunrizer (iPad)

sunrizer ipad review

Before I begin this review I must admit that I’m kind of late to the ‘make music on the iPad’ train, although I’ve kept my eye on it since the development of music making apps really started taking off for the iPad. Playing with apps like these on the iPad lets you break free from your usual working environment, i.e. it’s an escape from sitting behind your DAW all day long juggling plugins and softsynths with a mouse, occasionally twisting your torso to reach for outboard gear. I never go out to play with my DAW for half an hour to check out a couple of presets of a synth, or make something from scratch. Half an hour always turns into hours so I consider my DAW environment to be a working environment. The iPad is a far more playful environment to just be loose and fool around on. So, hello Sunrizer!

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Review: Quiztones (iOS)

Learning how to equalize sonic material is an ongoing process. It takes hours and hours of practice before you’re at the point where you’re comfortably identifying areas by their number (250Hz, 2Khz, 6Khz etc) before even touching your equalizer.

EQ sweeps, Spectrum Analyzers and Ear Training software are tools to help you become better at equalization. For the iPhone, Quiztones (Appstore, $4.99) is a great addition to the Ear Training software category. Using this tool will sharpen your ears and frequency recognition skills, and improve your mixing and equalization abilities.

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