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Logic Pro X 10.2 Update: Undocumented Changes


The release notes that come with the Logic Pro X 10.2 update indicate how big of an updated this is. The list has over 250 items of new features, changes and bug fixes: However, this is not all. There are additional changes in Logic Pro X 10.2 that are not mentioned in the release notes. In this article, I will not only list those changes, but provide in-depth explanations for each of those topics.

Note: The contents of this article and additional unpublished information are available in a free PDF. To download, see this article: FREE PDF – Logic Pro X 10.2 Update: Undocumented Changes

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A Logic Pro X Channel EQ Tutorial


As you probably know, when Logic Pro X 10.0.5 came out, both the Channel EQ and the Linear Phase EQ plug-in were updated with a new graphical user interface and new functionality. Most notably, both EQ plug-ins now have Mid/Side processing capabilities enabling you to independently apply equalization to the Mid and Side signals of your audio. I’ll use the new Channel EQ plug-in and take a look at how that works, and what it’s like to work with the new user interface. And actually have fun!

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