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How To Manually Draw Sidechaining Curves In Logic Pro

logic pro sidechaining

Suppose you are compressing a 2 bar Roland 303 bassline sample with a 4 to the floor bassdrum as a sidechaining source. The resulting volume effect will depend on the length of that bassdrum, the settings of the compressor (such as attack, release, ratio, knee), and in some cases the frequency area of the bassdrum that your compressor is responding to. That’s a lot of parameters to juggle. In the end though, all you are really doing is this: you’re changing the volume envelope shape of the 303 bassline sample.

So why not just draw the volume envelope by hand, with volume automation?

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Quick Sidechain Compression in Logic Pro With Klopfgeist

A well known technique for sidechain compression in Logic Pro is this one:

  • Put a four to the floor kick on an Audio Track, with no output, like so:

logic pro sidechaining

  • Insert a Compressor on the track you’d like to be compressed ‘on the beat’, like so:

logic pro sidechain compression

You probably know the drill by now. When you’re in a real hurry, why not skip the kick programming part entirely?

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