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Capture Recording: Logic Pro is Always Listening


Similar to the NSA (America’s “National Security Agency”), Logic Pro is always “listening”. Without hitting the Record Button, Logic Pro is secretly recording your MIDI and Audio signals that are connected to the application. However, unlike with the NSA, in Logic Pro this is actually a good thing. Even better, I can reveal those Logic Pro secrets in this article without ending up in Russian exile 😉

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Recording and Mixing Tips – Levels in Digital Audio – Free PDF


Some of the most repeated questions on audio forums are about recording and mixing levels in digital audio. This practical guide addresses those questions and also deals with some of the myths and paranoia that seem to cling to the subject.

Some of the most common questions that this article answers are:

  • Should I record all the way up to 0 dBFS?
  • Can I overload my plug-ins?
  • Is it okay to lower the master fader or will I lose sound quality?
  • Should I normalize my audio files?

The following is an excerpt from the free PDF. You will find a download link to the full article at the bottom of this excerpt.

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