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Workflow Tip: Using Alias Regions In Logic Pro 9

logic pro alias 10

Working with Logic Pro 9 – or any DAW for that matter – will involve copying and pasting regions to make a musical arrangement. And with that, a lot of time will be wasted once those copies need to be replaced by fresh copies after the original region was changed. The bigger your arrangement gets, the more time this will cost. Alias Regions to the rescue!

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Super Duper Gating With Transformer

There are many plugins that can create a gating effect in a snap. Some of these even allow you to quickly make your own gating pattern, usually in a visual environment. In Logic Pro, it’s fairly easy to make a gating effect without any plugins, by using an Instrument object and a Transformer object in the Environment. The best part is that you get to play the effect on your keyboard, and even program the gating pattern in the Piano Roll editor. Let me walk you through the steps to see how this is done.

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