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How to Search for Logic Pro X Project Alternatives


Many of us are using Logic Pro X Project Alternatives to create alternate versions of projects. It is a simple and intuitive way to easily save and recall project variations. Logic Pro X gives us the ability to attach meaningful names to each alternative that can be as unique from the actual project name as desired. They can be related to the project name, which I personally find to be useful for my workflow, or the alternatives can be named something completely different.

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OS X Mavericks – First Look

a first look at os x mavericks

On The Loop website, Jim Dalrymple – long-time guitarist and user of GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, and Cubase – put together a nice overview of his experiences sofar with OS X Mavericks. Jim has been following Apple and its products for the last 17 years, and wrote for Macworld magazine. Apple supplied him with a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a copy of OS X Mavericks to evaluate and post his thoughts.

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Turn Multi-Touch Gestures Into Key Commands With BetterTouchTool

Apple Trackpad

If you like using multi-touch gestures with Logic Pro, BetterTouchTool will blow your mind. Developed by Andreas Hegenberg from München, this utility seriously extends the functionality of your (Magic) Trackpad. BetterTouchTool brings you about 100 totally configurable gestures by combining multi-touch gestures together with the modifier keys on your Mac’s keyboard. Best of all, BetterTouchTool lets you configure gestures that are global or application specific, so turning gestures into key commands for Logic Pro is entirely possible. The utility works with the Magic Mouse, a tablet, keyboard, regular mouse and the Apple Remote. And it’s free.

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