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A Logic Pro X Channel EQ Tutorial


As you probably know, when Logic Pro X 10.0.5 came out, both the Channel EQ and the Linear Phase EQ plug-in were updated with a new graphical user interface and new functionality. Most notably, both EQ plug-ins now have Mid/Side processing capabilities enabling you to independently apply equalization to the Mid and Side signals of your audio. I’ll use the new Channel EQ plug-in and take a look at how that works, and what it’s like to work with the new user interface. And actually have fun!

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Review: Blue Cat’s Patchwork

blue cat patchwork expanded

I’ve never been much into wrapping VST plug-ins in Logic Pro until I heard about Blue Cat’s Patchwork plug-in last week. Patchwork can host up to 64 VST plug-ins (audio effects and virtual instruments) in a single instance, while giving you the options to use these plug-ins in series and in parallel. The latter option caught my eye. Time for a quick review.

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Review: Fabfilter Saturn

fabfilter saturn review

Why use compression when you can use distortion?

It’s funny how a non-intuitive interface can make you shun a plugin altogether. For me that was the case with Ohmicide, Ohmforce’s multiband distortion plugin, that’s been around for quite a while now. With the introduction of Fabfilter’s Saturn plugin on March 8th, the concepts of multi band distortion, compression, modulation, and mid/side processing have been put together in a big bad blender with a straightforward interface. How will it all blend? Let’s have a look in this Fabfilter Saturn review.

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Logic Pro Direction Mixer: The Mid/Side Trap

logic pro direction mixer

When set to MS Mode, the Logic Pro Direction Mixer can decode audio that’s been recorded using a Mid/Side microphone technique. When set to LR Mode, it can pan a regular stereo signal, and easily sum a stereo signal back into mono. Although its interface may suggest otherwise, the Direction Mixer is not a tool for encoding a stereo signal (L/R) into a Mid/Side signal. To illustrate this, I’ll use Mathew Lane’s DrMS.

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Article: Recording and Mixing Mid/Side Tracks

mid side processing configuration

Dirk Ulrich’s (Brainworx’s lead developer) article on how to record and mix M/S tracks got posted on the Universal Audio blog. The article will walk you through how to record and EQ a Mid-Side (M/S) recording session using the Brainworx® bx_digital V2 EQ Plug-In (there’s a demo for that). The piece includes links to demo files (drums, vocals, acoustic guitar and bass) you can use in your favorite DAW, plus tips on setting up your microphones and DAW for Mid/Side mixing. Don’t miss this.

Mid Side Processing: Solo The Sides – Part 3

In part three of the Solo The Sides series, we’ll take a close look at all Logic Pro stock plugins that affect the stereo image of your mix, and listen to the side information only, one plugin at a time. If Mid Side processing confuses you still, run through these examples a few times. Next time you solo the sides of your favorite track for some mixing inspiration, it should be a lot easier to recognize what effect types were used in your reference track. All examples are Apple Loops. I used the free Brainworx bx_solo plugin to solo the side information.

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Mid Side Processing: Solo The Sides – Part 1

Whenever you find yourself stuck in a rut mixing a production, and you feel you’ve run out of ideas, listening to your favorite record with headphones may point you in the right direction again. For an even deeper understanding of what’s going on in a stereo mix, and what tools the pros may have used to accomplish a good mix, put on your favourite track and listen to the side information only with a mid side processing plugin.

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