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How To Use Your Trackpad With Logic Pro 9

Apple Trackpad

Multi-touch gestures have become an integral part of OS X since Lion. Instead of merely clicking and dragging, we’re tapping, pinching, swiping and rotating. Whether you have a desktop Mac with a separate Magic Trackpad, or a Macbook Pro with a Multi-Touch trackpad, note that some gestures work well in Logic Pro 9. Here’s an overview of those multi-touch gestures, on a mid-2010 Macbook Pro running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

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Tips On Organizing And Bouncing Aux Buses In Logic Pro 9

logic pro organize buses

You probably know the drill by now: You start a new project from scratch in Logic Pro 9. You create some audio tracks, some instruments, some MIDI tracks perhaps. Some of these you assign to aux buses for sub grouping, some of these you put sends on (and a bus is created automatically), and you may also create some aux buses for printing stems. That’s a lot of aux buses with three different purposes. Since you’ve created these as you went along, your aux bus structure has quickly become messy. And what if you decide to delete a track, rendering a bus obsolete? The bus stays dude!

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The Prelisten Audio Channel Strip

A small yet useful tip: When browsing Loops in your Loop Browser while your project is running, you’re not limited to the volume slider at the bottom of the Loop Browser to have the loop sit better in your project.

logic pro

Logic Pro uses the Prelisten audio channel strip for monitoring. It’s automatically created in every project, and you can always find it next to your highest-numbered audio channel strip.

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