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Flex Time: Four Markers and the Seven Tools


If you have used the Flex Time feature in Logic Pro, then, for sure, you have encountered the Flex Markers already. These are the markers that you use to time shift a section inside an Audio Region without affecting the rest of the Audio Region. Are you sure you moved the Flex Markers and not the Transient Markers? If so, which Flex Markers? Maybe it was a Quantize Flex Marker or the Manual Flex Marker. Are you sure it wasn’t a Tempo Flex Marker? If you have any doubt, please continue to read about the “Four Markers and the Seven Tools”.

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Logic Pro From A to Z – F is for Flex

Logic Pro From A to Z - F is for Flex

Figuring out what to focus on for the letter F was difficult. Folders jumped out as the obvious choice, since there are now several different types of them. Finally though, I settled on Flex. It is one of the great under-hyped features in Logic Pro. And now with Logic Pro X, we have Flex Pitch as well as Flex Time. For this post, I used a couple of Apple Loops to demonstrate a few of my favourite Flex functions.

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