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EQ Tips by PreSonus – a Must Read


A great find by our friends at Pro Tools Expert: Presonus’ “Equalizer Terms and Tips”, a comprehensive article full of EQ tips that covers different types of EQ, EQ ranges, and offers general suggestions as to what frequencies to watch for when shaping the sound of commonly used instruments.

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A Logic Pro X Channel EQ Tutorial


As you probably know, when Logic Pro X 10.0.5 came out, both the Channel EQ and the Linear Phase EQ plug-in were updated with a new graphical user interface and new functionality. Most notably, both EQ plug-ins now have Mid/Side processing capabilities enabling you to independently apply equalization to the Mid and Side signals of your audio. I’ll use the new Channel EQ plug-in and take a look at how that works, and what it’s like to work with the new user interface. And actually have fun!

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EQ Tip: Linear Phase EQ vs Minimum Phase EQ

logic pro linear phase eq plugin

This EQ tip comes from Fabfilter, the plugin company that added ‘plugins’ to the list of products the Netherlands have been famous/notorious for. In this video, Dan Worrall uses the Fabfilter Pro Q EQ plugin to explain when and how to use linear phase EQ and (normal) minimum phase EQ. The same information applies to using Logic Pro’s Channel EQ plugin vs the Linear Phase EQ plugin, so don’t miss this.

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It’s All But Quiet On The EQ Front

surfer pitch tracking eq

BIG news on the EQ front. Suppose you’re EQ-ing a vocal track, and you find an overall sweet spot to be at 1.8Khz. Then the vocalist shoots up a full octave. Will that sweet spot still be sweet? Probably not. The EQ plug-ins (or hardware) you’ve made the adjustments with aren’t aware of the pitch of the source material. And this ‘unawareness’ is what makes EQ adjustments rather ‘static’ on material with a wide tonal range.

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