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How To Build a UREI 1176 FET Compressor Clone

UREI 1176 FET Compressor clone

First built in 1967, the UREI 1176 is a classic audio compressor designed by renowned American audio engineer, songwriter, producer, and studio designer Bill Putnam (1920–1989). The compressor has been used in countless recordings throughout the decades, and many modern recording studios still use (a revision of) this piece of hardware. If you have DIY (Do It Yourself) blood running through your veins, head over to the Mason Audio website now, to find a magnificent collection of tips on how to build a UREI 1176 FET Compressor clone yourself.

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Quick Sidechain Compression in Logic Pro With Klopfgeist

A well known technique for sidechain compression in Logic Pro is this one:

  • Put a four to the floor kick on an Audio Track, with no output, like so:

logic pro sidechaining

  • Insert a Compressor on the track you’d like to be compressed ‘on the beat’, like so:

logic pro sidechain compression

You probably know the drill by now. When you’re in a real hurry, why not skip the kick programming part entirely?

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