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In Logic Pro and other Digital Audio Workstations, each track has its own Channel Strip. With a Channel Strip’s controls, you can alter the sound of the audio a track plays, and how the track is audibly represented in the mix as a whole. You can alter the volume, mute, solo and pan the audio of tracks, add (both stock and Audio Unit) effects plugins, change channel strip settings, and change the signal flow of the audio. By control-clicking on a Channel Strip in Logic Pro, you can choose its visible components.

Pan Control: The Most Misunderstood Knob in Logic Pro


The Pan Knob. Virtually every Channel Strip on a Mixer has one. It is an essential element of every mix, and pretty much everybody uses that control in every Project. But does everybody also understand what the Pan Knob really does? If you can’t answer that question, or want to check if your answer is right, then read on. All your future Logic Pro mixes might depend on it!

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Logic Pro from A to Z – N is for New

Logic Pro from A to Z - N is for New

Nearly every creative step in any DAW requires the creation of something new. A track, a plug-in, a send routing, a preset change, etc. And Logic Pro of course has myriads of functions for creating new things. Projects, tracks, regions, templates, controller assignments, groups, zones, screensets – to name just a few! In this post I’m going to share one of my favourite workflow routines to force Logic Pro to create new channel strips the way I want them.

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Your Questions , Our Answers – Setting Up a Headphone Mix

universal audio apollo interface

One of our readers asked the following question regarding setting up a headphone mix in Logic Pro X.

As a long term Pro Tools user who also needs to use Logic Pro X, I’m struggling to create a stereo headphone mix to send to a separate recording room. I am trying to figure out how to do this, so that when I solo or mute a channel in the control room, it doesn’t do the same in the headphone mixes. I tried to create 2 pre-fade sends to separate outputs on my Universal Audio Apollo audio interface but they don’t act like I expect them to. Can you help?

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A Logic Pro X Channel EQ Tutorial


As you probably know, when Logic Pro X 10.0.5 came out, both the Channel EQ and the Linear Phase EQ plug-in were updated with a new graphical user interface and new functionality. Most notably, both EQ plug-ins now have Mid/Side processing capabilities enabling you to independently apply equalization to the Mid and Side signals of your audio. I’ll use the new Channel EQ plug-in and take a look at how that works, and what it’s like to work with the new user interface. And actually have fun!

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The Prelisten Audio Channel Strip

A small yet useful tip: When browsing Loops in your Loop Browser while your project is running, you’re not limited to the volume slider at the bottom of the Loop Browser to have the loop sit better in your project.

logic pro

Logic Pro uses the Prelisten audio channel strip for monitoring. It’s automatically created in every project, and you can always find it next to your highest-numbered audio channel strip.

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How To Sync Your Channel Strip Settings With Dropbox


If you have Logic Pro installed on more than one Mac, here’s a way to keep all your Channelstrip Settings in sync between both systems, using Dropbox. Although Logic Pro offers a way to backup and share your Channel Strip Settings, Plugin Settings, and Key Commands with Apple’s Mobile Me, nothing beats Dropbox at the moment. It’s easy to set up, it’s free, and as instant as you want it to be.

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