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Logic Pro X: Automation with Border Security


Automation is an essential part of music production regardless if a project is mixed on a mixing console or on the computer using a DAW like Logic Pro. While a mixing console only provides Online Automation where you “record” your mixing steps live like an instrument, a DAW provides the additional convenience of Offline Automation. This lets you edit the automation data graphically or numerically, similar to editing MIDI data.

Among all the tools, workflows, and concepts, in this post I’d like to focus on one important aspect of Offline Automation: “Borders”.

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Logic Pro X 10.0.7 – Snapshot Automation

logic pro x 10.0.7 snapshot automation

Logic Pro X 10.0.7 has so many great enhancements it’s easy to overlook the powerful addition of snapshot automation. They don’t label it as such, but it is present by way of four new, very useful, key commands. I’m dating myself here, but for those of us old enough to remember, the only way to accomplish snapshot style automation previously was by cabling up channel splitters, tracks, and ports in the Environment. It was so obtuse, it was rarely used.

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How To Manually Draw Sidechaining Curves In Logic Pro

logic pro sidechaining

Suppose you are compressing a 2 bar Roland 303 bassline sample with a 4 to the floor bassdrum as a sidechaining source. The resulting volume effect will depend on the length of that bassdrum, the settings of the compressor (such as attack, release, ratio, knee), and in some cases the frequency area of the bassdrum that your compressor is responding to. That’s a lot of parameters to juggle. In the end though, all you are really doing is this: you’re changing the volume envelope shape of the 303 bassline sample.

So why not just draw the volume envelope by hand, with volume automation?

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Super Duper Gating With Transformer

There are many plugins that can create a gating effect in a snap. Some of these even allow you to quickly make your own gating pattern, usually in a visual environment. In Logic Pro, it’s fairly easy to make a gating effect without any plugins, by using an Instrument object and a Transformer object in the Environment. The best part is that you get to play the effect on your keyboard, and even program the gating pattern in the Piano Roll editor. Let me walk you through the steps to see how this is done.

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Create Two Nodes At Region Borders

create two nodes at region borders

Here’s a quick tip, something I’ve only recently forced myself to use to speed up workflow: When you’re adding or editing automation in Logic Pro, you may often find yourself clicking multiple times just to create the automation nodes you need, in order to be able to adjust an automation parameter or to make fades. The menu function ‘Create Two Nodes At Region Borders’ should save you some time, and improve your workflow too.

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