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Logic Pro from A to Z – M is for MIDI

Logic Pro from A to Z - M is for MIDI

Many of you might be thinking, MIDI? Really? It’s been around for over thirty years. What more is there to say about it? Well, the fact is that almost all modern DAWs, Logic Pro X included, deliberately blur the lines between the previously separate realms of audio and MIDI. Now more than ever. MIDI grooves, timing, and note events are easily extracted from audio these days. So, the new thing about MIDI is that it is less separate from audio than it ever has been since it was invented. Here I’ll look at converting audio to MIDI note data in Logic Pro X.

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How To Make Audio To Midi Groove Templates – Part Two

In part one, we looked at extracting a groove template from a record.

We’ll look at another great source for groove templates : your Apple Loop collection. Most, if not all, MIDI loops in there (the green ones) have been either programmed or quantized, so their timing is not that interesting – unless you like everything tight of course. But then you probably won’t be needing groove templates. Most of the blue loops have been played live, and you can use these as a source for your groove templates too. Let’s see what we’ll encounter.

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