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The Alias Region has been around since version 1.1 of Notator Logic. They are great for pattern based music creation, and easy to create by holding down ⌥ ⇧ while dragging a region to a new location in the Arrange Window. In Logic Pro, an alias region will be illustrated in italic with an upward pointing arrow. These visual indicators allow you to keep track of which regions are “real copies” and which are aliases. The advantages of working with these types of regions are that changes made to the original region are instantly reflected in its alias. This archive page on Logic Pro Expert provides an overview of articles about or mentioning the term “Alias Region”.

Logic Pro From A to Z – A is for Alias

Logic Pro From A to Z - A is for Alias

“All the Things You Are”. It’s a well-known tin pan alley song by Jerome Kern in the key of Ab. It’s also what I plan to write about concerning Logic Pro. All the things it is to me. “All the Things You Are” is also a phrase that begins with the letter A. And that is the format I will be using in an ongoing 26 part series with Logic Pro X tips. An alphabetarium. The letters of Logic Pro. Each post starting with and focusing on a different letter of the alphabet. I’ll try and include some features and/or tips with each post. But it will primarily be my ode to Logic Pro, one letter at a time. So let’s get started…

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Workflow Tip: Using Alias Regions In Logic Pro 9

logic pro alias 10

Working with Logic Pro 9 – or any DAW for that matter – will involve copying and pasting regions to make a musical arrangement. And with that, a lot of time will be wasted once those copies need to be replaced by fresh copies after the original region was changed. The bigger your arrangement gets, the more time this will cost. Alias Regions to the rescue!

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