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Review – Blasting Room Signature Series Drums for Kontakt

a screenshot of the Blasting Room Signature Series Drums drum sample library for Kontakt, used in Logic Pro X.

Eli Krantzberg reviews the Blasting Room Signature Series Drums, a premium drum sample library for Kontakt that was produced, engineered and mixed by Jason Livermore and Bill Stevenson at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Review – Waves PRS SuperModels Guitar Amp Plugin

a screenshot of the Waves PRS SuperModels Guitar Amp plugin in Logic Pro X

Eli reviews the all new PRS SuperModels guitar amp plugin, developed by Waves in collaboration with boutique guitar amp maker and guitarist Paul Reed Smith.

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Review – Blue Cat Audio Axiom

a screenshot of the Axiom plugin in Logic Pro X

Eli Krantzberg reviews Blue Cat Audio Axiom, a powerful and open multi effects processor and amp simulation software for guitar and bass.

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Review – JST Bus Glue Plugins

a screenshot of the JST Bus Glue plugin used in Logic Pro X

I’m not generally a fan of “one-knob” macro style plug-ins. But there is a new series, called Bus Glue, from Joel Wanask at Joey Sturgis Tones (JST) that is the exception to the rule.

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Sonarworks Reference 4 Review – Speaker and Headphone Calibration System

Here’s Eli Krantzberg’s review of the Sonarworks Reference 4 speaker and headphone calibration system that enables you to mix and master on your headphones with confidence.

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Video – The Universal Audio Lexicon 224 Reverb on Jazz

a screenshot of the universal audio lexicon 224 reverb plugin

In this video, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the features of the Universal Audio Lexicon 224 Reverb plugin, and takes it for a ride on a cool jazz arrangement in Logic Pro X.

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Review – IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O

IK Multimedia’s specialty is blurring the lines between desktop and iOS, studio and mobile, audio and MIDI, and even between software and hardware. Their latest “bundle” completes the circle on the IK Multimedia ecosystem. I deliberately choose not to describe it as either hardware or software, because it is both.

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Review – Wavesfactory Sharine – Shakers and Tambourines Sample Library for Kontakt

Sharine from Wavesfactory is the first shaker and tambourine sample library that fully retains the pre-roll (also called pre-shift) of each sample while keeping the grooves in sync with your DAW.

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Review – IK Multimedia Syntronik

a picture of an iMac running Logic Pro X with the IK Multimedia Syntronik virtual instrument

Eli Krantzberg reviews Syntronik by IK Multimedia, a new generation of soft synths which combine modeled filters and effects with samples of vintage synth hardware.

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Review – Eventide EQuivocate – Free until October 31st!

a screenshot of EQuivocate, new powerful and precise paragraphic EQ plugin developed by Eventide.

Eli Kranzberg reviews Eventide EQuivocate, a brand new powerful and precise paragraphic EQ plugin developed by Eventide. It’s like Logic Pro’s Linear Phase EQ and Match EQ combined, and on steroids!

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Review – Galaxy Drums by Space Cabin Audio

a picture of the user interface

Galaxy Drums is the first instrument from a new company called Space Cabin Audio. If you like great sounding acoustic drum sets with lots of tweak-ability, this virtual instrument is for you!

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Review – Platform – Output’s new Studio Desk

Eli Krantzberg reviews Output’s Platform, a brand new home studio desk for musicians.

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Review – Blue Cat Audio Late Replies – A New Delay and Multi Effects Plugin

Blue Cat Audio announced the release of Late Replies, a new creative delay and multi effects plug-in capable of hosting built-in or third party plug-ins anywhere in the signal path. Here’s Eli Krantzberg’s review.

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Review – Eventide Ultratap

Eli Krantzberg reviews Eventide Ultratap, a brand new soundscape tool capable of producing huge spaces, glitchy gated delays, crescendoing volume swells, comb filtering, modulation, and more.

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Review – The Orchestra by Sonuscore

Eli Krantzberg reviews The Orchestra by Sonuscore, a revolutionary 80-player orchestral sample library for NI Kontakt Player featuring a breakthrough Ensemble-Engine that allows you to create quick ensemble sketches with minimal effort or write complex orchestral arrangements.

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Review – Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums

a screenshot of the Review – Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums for Kontakt

In this video review, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Review – Softube Tape

a screenshot of the new tape plugin developed by Softube

Apple Logic Pro’s plugins are, for the most part, fantastic. But one conspicuous omission is the lack of a tape saturation plugin.

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Review – Virtual Guitarist Silk

virtual guitarist silk header image

Here’s Eli Krantzberg’s review of Virtual Guitaris Silk, a songwriting tool that enables you to produce great-sounding guitar tracks with minimum fuss.

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Video Review – Applied Acoustics Objeq Delay

a screenshot of the new objeq delay plugin by applied acoustics

In this video, Eli Krantzberg reviews the all new Objeq Delay plugin developed by Applied Acoustics that was released today.

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Review – Exponential Audio R4

Exponential Audio R4 Review Title Image

Exponential Audio offer three fantastic sounding reverb plug-ins. Phoenixverb, R2, and Nimbus. R4 ups the ante with unprecedented features to shape the early reflections and tail portions of the reverb signal independently. It is the culmination of “clean” and “character” reverbs rolled into one easy to use reverb plug-in that does everything you need and didn’t know you needed from reverb. Let’s take a look at what makes R4 unique.

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Review – McDSP EC 300 Echo Collection

a screenshot of the McDSP EC 300 Echo Collection plugin

Before you ask, this is a “character” plug-in. Yes, you can generate interesting and complex delays with Logic Pro X’s Delay Designer, Tape Delay, and Stereo Delay. But the new EC 300 Echo Collection plug-in from McDSP has so much character, colour, and vibe; that to me, it’s in a class of its own.

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Review – Eventide Fission

a screenshot of the Eventide Fission plugin

Every once in a while a new plug-in comes out that really does something, well, new! And Eventide Fission is one of them. I have had the great pleasure of being able to give it a spin, and it is fantastic. The only thing that comes even a little bit close to doing what it does within Logic Pro X’s suite of built-in plug-ins is the Enveloper.

And only just barely.

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Review – Ample Sound – Ample Bass Yinyang II

a screenshot of the Ample Sound Ample Bass Yinyang II User Interface

Ample Sound is a relatively new company. I hadn’t heard of them until recently, and have since discovered that they make fantastic sounding software instruments. Guitars and basses are their specialty. The Yinyang ll is the latest addition to their collection of electric bass instruments.

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Video Review – IK Multimedia MODO Bass

a screenshot of the ik multimedia modo bass virtual instrument in logic pro x

In the following video review, Eli Krantzberg takes a good look at IK Multimedia MODO Bass, the first physically modeled bass virtual instrument.

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Review: iLoud Micro Monitors from IK Multimedia

a picture of the iLoud Micro Monitors by IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia creates products we need and want before we know that we need and want them. Their now ubiquitous iOS hardware and software broke new ground. The subject of this review is IK Multimedia’s new iLoud Micro Monitor system. They’re a fresh take on near field monitors, designed for use on the go as well as in the studio.

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Review – iRig HD 2

the all new iRig HD2

I’m not a guitar player, and I’m blown away with the new iRig HD 2 from IK Multimedia! They’ve always been great at straddling that line between consumer, prosumer and professional. And this new I/O wins on all three levels.

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Review – McDSP ML8000 Advanced Limiter

a screenshot of the McDSP ML8000 iplugin in Logic Pro X

In this video review, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the new ML8000 Advanced Limiter by McDSP.

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Review – McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

a screenshot of the mcdsp 6050 ultimate channel strip plugin in logic pro x

In the following video, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the new McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip plugin. The 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip includes all the modules from the 6020 Ultimate EQ and 6030 Ultimate Compressor plug-ins, with new modules including saturation, overdrive, distortion, gate, expansion, and new EQ effects.

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Microphone Review: Samar VL37 Handcrafted Ribbon Mic

Gear Review - Samar VL37 Ribbon Mic

In the following 2 videos, MatKat Music’s Charles Schiermeyer – a NYC-based horn & string arranger and Logic Pro X user – takes a look at the Samar VL37 handcrafted ribbon microphone.

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Review – MainStage Auto Sampler

review mainstage auto sampler

Since the release of MainStage 3.1 users have discovered Auto Sampler. It allows the user to sample external and software instruments, then creates an EXS24 instrument for use in both MainStage and Logic Pro. Creating custom instruments can save RAM and CPU by loading fewer instruments and/or samples, as well as eliminating the need of having external instruments connected. All of this is a bigger advantage to MainStage users, who are typically using smaller computers and hauling everything to the gig.

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Focusrite Clarett 8Pre Review

the Focusrite Clarett 8Pre

The following is a Focusrite Clarett 8Pre Review by Ben McAvoy, a new Logic Pro Expert team member (welcome Ben!).

Ben is the owner of WMP, a music composition and sound design house based in Leeds, United Kingdom. WMP provide bespoke music composition and sound design services to music supervisors, production companies, music libraries and non-broadcast media creators.

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Review – Audient iD14 USB Audio Interface

audient id14

Team Pro Tools Expert have taken a good look at Audient’s iD14 High Performance USB Audio Interface that features a pair of world-class Audient console mic pres, class-leading Burr Brown converter technology, console style monitor control, JFET D.I and the revolutionary ScrollControl that can be used to create automation in Logic Pro X.

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Review – Alex Hilton A1TriggerGate


In this video, Russ at Pro Tools Expert walks you through A1TriggerGate, the free gate sequencing plugin we wrote about earlier.

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Review – Babylonwaves Art Conductor 1.5

art conductor screenshot

Babylonwaves Art Conductor 1.5 is designed to allow the user to view and modify articulation changes as automation in a track’s automation lane. It can use either MIDI note, MIDI channel or UACC information (Universal Articulation Controller Channel – created by Spitfire) to achieve this. It comes with generic and custom scripts and a manual that helps you through the process.

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Goodhertz Panpot Review – Video

goodhertz panpot

In this video review, our friends at Pro Tools Expert take a good look at Goodhertz’ Panpot plugin.

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Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Review

Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Logic

Apogee’s first Thunderbolt 2 audio interface for Mac, the Ensemble Thunderbolt, was recently reviewed at Pro Tools Expert. The new Ensemble includes 8 advanced stepped gain mic preamps, monitor controller functionality including talkback, front panel guitar I/O, two headphone outputs and digital connectivity for a total of 30 x 34 Inputs/Outputs.

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Boz Digital Labs +10DB Review

01 Kik Drum

2014 is a great year to be a DAW owner. New plugins of all sorts keep coming fast and furious (and so do audio plugin reviews.) Some are hardware emulations, some are hybrids using existing technology to enhance older paradigms, while some are completely new and unique. And the prices are lower than ever. Enter multi platinum producer David Bendeth and Boz Digital Labs; one of the crop of great new up-and-coming plug-in developers. They have just released a new plug-in called +10DB (the DB stands for David Bendeth), a faithful recreation of the rare and sought after Compex Vocal Stressor.

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Bad Cat Pack – Review

bad cat samples review

The Bad Cat Pack is a collection of samples (6 Sample Packs Bundled Together £42 – 33% Discount) put together with loving care and attention to detail by Marcus Huyskens of the Bad Cat Media Group. What makes these instruments of particular interest is that they not only sound great and feel great to play, but are also created with sound design in mind. The interface and controls provided are set up to allow simple and intuitive shaping of the sound with extremely imaginative and pleasing results. They are all beautifully recorded with great mics and preamps, and are set up with plenty of velocity layers and round robin samples. I’ll describe each briefly, and then show you them in action.

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Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack – Review

01 VMR

You are probably thinking – do we need yet more emulations of hardware processing at this point? If you aren’t, you probably should be, because it is a perfectly valid question. Steven Slate and Fabrice Gabriel have added new Neve EQ, SSL EQ, 1176 compressor, and VCA compressor emulations to the party with the release of Virtual Mix Rack. The answer of course isn’t a simple yes or no. It depends on what you may already have in your plug-in collection, and what your needs are aesthetically.

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Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack Review (Video)

slate digital virtual mix rack review

Pro Tools Expert has uploaded a review of Slate Digital’s new Virtual Mix Rack plugin on Youtube, giving a nice quick overview of what this new audio toy has to offer.

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Massenburg Designworks MDWEQ5 Review (Video)

Massenburg Designworks MDWEQ5 Review

Massenburg Designworks MDWEQ5 Review: Pro Tools Expert takes a look at the new Massenburg DesignWorks MDWEQ5 Parametric Equalizer plugin for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces that was released yesterday.

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Positive Grid BIAS Desktop Review (Video)

positive grid bias

Pro Tools Expert just published a video review of Positive’s Grid BIAS Desktop amp modelling plugin that was released a few days ago.

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Waves Abbey Road TG12345 Review (Video)

waves abbey road tg12345 review

Russ at Pro Tools Expert just uploaded a Waves Abbey Road TG12345 review, with an overview of Waves’ latest plug-in model of a vintage Abbey Road mixing console.

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Session Horns Pro Review

session horns pro review  Additional SHP Screenshot

Session Horns Pro Review – In the following article, Logic Pro Expert team member Eli Krantzberg takes a look at Native Instruments Session Horns Pro. Session Horns Pro was created in partnership with e-instruments – the specialists for intensely detailed sampled instruments.

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Eventide Ultra Channel Review (Video)


In the following Eventide Ultra Channel review video on Youtube, Russ at Pro Tools Expert takes a look at the native channel strip plug-in Eventide released yesterday.

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Lindell PEX 500 Review

Lindell PEX 500 Review

Lindell PEX 500 review: Russ at Pro Tools Expert has been stacking up on outboard gear lately, and he’s filling his racks with a vengeance. The latest addition to his 500 Series rack is the Lindell Audio PEX-500, a hardware clone of the Passive Pultec Equalizer: Pultec EQ sound at a fraction of the price.

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UAD Neve 1073 Review & Waves Scheps 73 Comparison

UAD Neve 1073 Review

In the following video, Russ at Pro Tools Expert reviews the Universal Audio UAD Neve 1073 plug-in, and compares it with the Waves Scheps 73 1073 pre-amp and EQ emulation.

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Toontrack EZdrummer 2 Review (Video)

toontrack ezdrummer 2 review

In the following video, Pro Tools Expert’s Russ Hughes plugs in his guitar and does a review of Toontrack EZdrummer 2. The new version of EZdrummer that was released yesterday introduces several groundbreaking features for quick and easy songwriting.

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Review – Bad Cat Sample Library Bundle

bad cat samples review

Russ at Pro Tools Expert recently did a video review of the Bad Cat Sample Library bundle that’s currently on sale for £42.00.

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Maag Audio EQ2 Review

maag audio eq2

Russ at Pro Tools Expert did a review of the Maag Audio EQ2, a one channel 2 band equalizer with Maag’s renowned Air Band that’s compatible with the API 500-6B lunchbox, 500VPR rack systems and any other 500 Series spec rack.

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IK Multimedia EQ 73 and EQ 81 Review

IK Multimedia EQ 73 and EQ 81 Review

There is a new era emerging in the plug-in EQ universe. We’ve all seen and heard the emulations before, and they’re great. But IK Multimedia is breaking new ground with their EQ 73 and EQ 81 T-RackS modules. Based on classic Neve 1073 and Neve 1081 channel strips, IK Multimedia have beautifully and faithfully modelled not only their tonal characteristics, but also the preamp stages of these units. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is.

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Plugin Boutique Big Kick Review (Video)

plugin boutique big kick review

In this Big Kick review, Russ at Pro Tools Expert had an early look at Plugin Boutique’s first venture into audio plug-in development. With this new plug-in, you can combine samples of kick drums with basic synthesis, to ultimately help you find the perfect kick – with the right click and bottom end.

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Review – Audient ASP880 8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier and ADC


Our friends at Pro Tools Expert have taken a good look at Audient’s ASP880, a single rack unit 8 channel microphone preamplifier and Analog to Digital converter that makes an excellent high-quality front-end to your audio interface.

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Waves Vitamin Review (Video)

waves vitamin review video

In this Waves Vitamin Review, Russ Hughes of Pro Tools Expert takes a look at Waves’ latest sound toy called Vitamin, a multiband harmonic enhancer and tone-shaping plugin that was released yesterday.

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e-instruments Session Keys – Review

The Piano

In this review of e-instruments Session Keys, Logic Pro Expert team member and Groove3 video instructor Eli Krantzberg takes an extensive look at e-instruments’ latest piano sample library for Kontakt.

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Review: 6-Core Mac Pro [MacWorld]

mac pro review macworld

If you’re in the market for a brand new $3.999,- 6-core Mac Pro, read this review at Macworld to see what they think about it, and how it holds up against a custom 8-core version and the more consumer-oriented 27-inch iMac.

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Exponential Audio Phoenix Verb Review – Audio & GUI Gallery

phoenix reverb reverb attack

After having spent many an hour on the Lexicon MPX-1 in my early days, and the luxurious times spent on the 960L after that, I’ve recently had the honor to take an early close look at version 2.0 of Phoenix Verb by Exponential Audio, a company founded by one of the brightest minds in the world of reverb. Here’s my review of Phoenix Verb 2.0 that was released a few days ago.

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Logic Pro X How It Works – iBook Review

logic pro x how it works ibook edit

“Logic Pro X How it Works”, available on iTunes (iBook) and on Amazon, explains Apple’s Logic Pro X with rich illustrations that are not found in the official manual. The 765 page book helps you understand all the new concepts and Logic Pro X workflows, and best of all, it will be updated by the author with every future update of Logic Pro X. The iBook currently reflects all changes and updates that were introduced in Logic Pro X 10.0.5.

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Review: Blue Cat’s Patchwork

blue cat patchwork expanded

I’ve never been much into wrapping VST plug-ins in Logic Pro until I heard about Blue Cat’s Patchwork plug-in last week. Patchwork can host up to 64 VST plug-ins (audio effects and virtual instruments) in a single instance, while giving you the options to use these plug-ins in series and in parallel. The latter option caught my eye. Time for a quick review.

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Logic Pro X Flex Pitch Review: Perfect Pitch, Nearly Perfect User Interface

Flex Pitch Hotspots

I’ve finally had some good times with Flex Pitch, one of the most exciting new features Logic Pro X has to offer. I’ll walk through the user interface, have a look at workflow, and point out why I think it’s nearly as good as the industry standard for pitch correction: Celemony Melodyne.

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ScoreCleaner Notes: Hum, Whistle, Score


The ScoreCleaner Notes app for iOS ($0.99) can turn any recorded monophonic melody into written musical notation. ScoreCleaner Notes, one of the best-selling apps in Sweden for the last few months, was developed by Sven Emtell at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, along with Sven Ahlbäck, a professor at the Music University of Stockholm.

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Review: Fabfilter Saturn

fabfilter saturn review

Why use compression when you can use distortion?

It’s funny how a non-intuitive interface can make you shun a plugin altogether. For me that was the case with Ohmicide, Ohmforce’s multiband distortion plugin, that’s been around for quite a while now. With the introduction of Fabfilter’s Saturn plugin on March 8th, the concepts of multi band distortion, compression, modulation, and mid/side processing have been put together in a big bad blender with a straightforward interface. How will it all blend? Let’s have a look in this Fabfilter Saturn review.

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Review: Sunrizer (iPad)

sunrizer ipad review

Before I begin this review I must admit that I’m kind of late to the ‘make music on the iPad’ train, although I’ve kept my eye on it since the development of music making apps really started taking off for the iPad. Playing with apps like these on the iPad lets you break free from your usual working environment, i.e. it’s an escape from sitting behind your DAW all day long juggling plugins and softsynths with a mouse, occasionally twisting your torso to reach for outboard gear. I never go out to play with my DAW for half an hour to check out a couple of presets of a synth, or make something from scratch. Half an hour always turns into hours so I consider my DAW environment to be a working environment. The iPad is a far more playful environment to just be loose and fool around on. So, hello Sunrizer!

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Review – Waves H Comp Hybrid Compressor

Waves Hcomp Hybrid Compressor

In the last couple of months I’ve noticed that the Waves H Comp Hybrid Compressor has become one of the first compressors I choose when I need to shape the dynamics of a sound, and give it some character.

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Review: Quiztones (iOS)

Learning how to equalize sonic material is an ongoing process. It takes hours and hours of practice before you’re at the point where you’re comfortably identifying areas by their number (250Hz, 2Khz, 6Khz etc) before even touching your equalizer.

EQ sweeps, Spectrum Analyzers and Ear Training software are tools to help you become better at equalization. For the iPhone, Quiztones (Appstore, $4.99) is a great addition to the Ear Training software category. Using this tool will sharpen your ears and frequency recognition skills, and improve your mixing and equalization abilities.

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Logic Pro on iPad With Air Display – The Story Sofar

air display

The Air Display application turns an iPad into a wireless computer monitor with a touchscreen. Avatron, maker of the app, was founded by a former Apple software engineering manager, and a team of veteran Mac OS X programmers. I’ve been test-driving Air Display some more recently, to see how it would work together with Logic Pro. My findings are below, along with some images of the iPad displaying various Logic Pro plugins and windows.

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