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About Backing Up Your Logic Pro Projects


The ways of the universe are just perverse. Use any storage technology long enough, and it will fail you. Worse still, it will fail you at the worst possible of times, like in the middle of finishing a Logic Pro project. In the past 20+ years, I’ve been there too many times. The Pro Tools Expert website has a nice overview on project backup strategies, that should apply to Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X users just as well.

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Turn Multi-Touch Gestures Into Key Commands With BetterTouchTool

Apple Trackpad

If you like using multi-touch gestures with Logic Pro, BetterTouchTool will blow your mind. Developed by Andreas Hegenberg from München, this utility seriously extends the functionality of your (Magic) Trackpad. BetterTouchTool brings you about 100 totally configurable gestures by combining multi-touch gestures together with the modifier keys on your Mac’s keyboard. Best of all, BetterTouchTool lets you configure gestures that are global or application specific, so turning gestures into key commands for Logic Pro is entirely possible. The utility works with the Magic Mouse, a tablet, keyboard, regular mouse and the Apple Remote. And it’s free.

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After Switching Logic Pro To 64 Bit Mode: Workflow Changes

macbook pro 2011

Ever since Waves updated all audio unit plugins to 64 bit versions, I switched to running Logic Pro in 64 bit mode. That was my turning point. Instead of the 4 gigs of RAM available (the widely known limit set by running Logic Pro in 32 bit mode) I now have 12 gigs of RAM available. This is quite the leap forward. As a result, I’m starting to notice some workflow changes. I’d like to post these changes – hopefully they’ll inspire you. My Mac Pro has 12 gigs of RAM, powered by 2 2.66 Ghz 6-core Intel Xeon processors. That’s comfortable, but I’m sure some of my new approaches will work on less robust systems too.

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16 Logic Pro Key Commands You Should Assign Today

logic pro key commands

If you’re a user of Logic Pro’s key command presets, be aware that there are many useful commands that have no key command assigned to them. Some of these functions even aren’t accessible via Logic Pro’s menu structure, so you may be unaware of some true gems. I’ve made a list of handpicked Logic Pro keyboard shortcuts that I think will improve your workflow, organized by category. I’ve also added suggestions for the key commands to assign to them – but that’s entirely up to you of course. I’ve added these suggestions to the Keycommander page under the category “Unassigned but Way Cool”. Found a good one you use often? Drop a comment!

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How To Manually Draw Sidechaining Curves In Logic Pro

logic pro sidechaining

Suppose you are compressing a 2 bar Roland 303 bassline sample with a 4 to the floor bassdrum as a sidechaining source. The resulting volume effect will depend on the length of that bassdrum, the settings of the compressor (such as attack, release, ratio, knee), and in some cases the frequency area of the bassdrum that your compressor is responding to. That’s a lot of parameters to juggle. In the end though, all you are really doing is this: you’re changing the volume envelope shape of the 303 bassline sample.

So why not just draw the volume envelope by hand, with volume automation?

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Tips On Organizing And Bouncing Aux Buses In Logic Pro 9

logic pro organize buses

You probably know the drill by now: You start a new project from scratch in Logic Pro 9. You create some audio tracks, some instruments, some MIDI tracks perhaps. Some of these you assign to aux buses for sub grouping, some of these you put sends on (and a bus is created automatically), and you may also create some aux buses for printing stems. That’s a lot of aux buses with three different purposes. Since you’ve created these as you went along, your aux bus structure has quickly become messy. And what if you decide to delete a track, rendering a bus obsolete? The bus stays dude!

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Vocal Alignment With Slicing Mode

I did some heavy duty Vocal Comping this week. I worked on thick prechoruses and even thicker choruses containing 4 or 5 vocal takes for the lead vocal melody alone. It’s unbelievable how much work this used to be in the days without Take Folders, Flex Mode and Transient Detection!

Back in the day, I would basically cut up every syllable and align them by hand if I needed a tightly aligned chorus. These days I would normally put Flex Mode to Monophonic for solo vocals, but this time it was giving me too much artefacts. Flex editing certainly has its quirks. Then I thought about it: do I really need to align every syllable and consonant, and make all lengths the same too? Next time you’re aligning vocals, ask yourself the same question.

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Quick Sidechain Compression in Logic Pro With Klopfgeist

A well known technique for sidechain compression in Logic Pro is this one:

  • Put a four to the floor kick on an Audio Track, with no output, like so:

logic pro sidechaining

  • Insert a Compressor on the track you’d like to be compressed ‘on the beat’, like so:

logic pro sidechain compression

You probably know the drill by now. When you’re in a real hurry, why not skip the kick programming part entirely?

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