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Logic Pro X 10.2 Is On The Streets

logic pro x 10.2


Logic Pro X 10.2 was just released. Let’s just call it the “Alchemy” edition.

Read up here:

More good stuff on CDM:

Alchemy synth is now a part of Logic Pro X; here’s what’s new

And on MacRumors (thanks a bunch Rich!):

Logic Pro X and MainStage Updated With Alchemy Integration From Recent Acquisition

As always, Apple’s 10.2 Release notes.

That link should work. Promise me you’ll blame Apple if it still links to an older version.

Happy days everyone. Go explore, and have fun.

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Logic Pro 9.1.7 Is On The Streets

Logic Pro and Logic Express have been updated to version 9.1.7, providing better compatibility with Garaband for iOS, better performance for EXS24 in 32-bit mode, fixed Output Distortion settings for the Compressor plugin, automatic coloring of Aux channels that were added to a Multi Output Software Instrument, and more. Fire up Software Update…

Release Notes:

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