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Focusing Too Much on Plugins can Cause Obesity

Everybody in the US knows about the “Food Pyramid.” It’s a diagram that shows the different food groups and how much serving of each group people should eat to maintain a healthy diet. At the top of the pyramid are the sweets and fatty foods that should be low on everybody’s consumption list, but unfortunately, that is exactly what most people are stuffing in their face in great quantities, causing obesity and all other sorts of health issues.

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EQ Tips by PreSonus – a Must Read


A great find by our friends at Pro Tools Expert: Presonus’ “Equalizer Terms and Tips”, a comprehensive article full of EQ tips that covers different types of EQ, EQ ranges, and offers general suggestions as to what frequencies to watch for when shaping the sound of commonly used instruments.

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Plugins On The Mix Bus? Top Mix Engineer Koen Heldens Talks Shop

koen heldens mix bus settings

When it comes to using mix bus compression and mix bus EQ, there are two kinds of mix engineers: those who don’t use plug-ins on the mix bus and those who do.

Today, Softube published a nice article about Los Angeles based mix engineer Koen Heldens (Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Rihanna) who resides in the camp that does apply processing to the mix bus, albeit rather subtly, with Softube plug-ins.

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Your Questions , Our Answers – Setting Up a Headphone Mix

universal audio apollo interface

One of our readers asked the following question regarding setting up a headphone mix in Logic Pro X.

As a long term Pro Tools user who also needs to use Logic Pro X, I’m struggling to create a stereo headphone mix to send to a separate recording room. I am trying to figure out how to do this, so that when I solo or mute a channel in the control room, it doesn’t do the same in the headphone mixes. I tried to create 2 pre-fade sends to separate outputs on my Universal Audio Apollo audio interface but they don’t act like I expect them to. Can you help?

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Vocal Mixing Tips by Tony Maserati Using Waves C4


Waves has been doing a great job on Youtube lately, and they just put up a new video featuring Tony Maserati showing some of his vocal mixing tips using the Waves C4 Multiband compressor. If you don’t own the Waves C4 plug-in, don’t worry, these vocal mixing tips can easily be applied using Logic Pro’s stock Multipressor plug-in. 10 minutes worth watching.

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EQ Tip: Linear Phase EQ vs Minimum Phase EQ

logic pro linear phase eq plugin

This EQ tip comes from Fabfilter, the plugin company that added ‘plugins’ to the list of products the Netherlands have been famous/notorious for. In this video, Dan Worrall uses the Fabfilter Pro Q EQ plugin to explain when and how to use linear phase EQ and (normal) minimum phase EQ. The same information applies to using Logic Pro’s Channel EQ plugin vs the Linear Phase EQ plugin, so don’t miss this.

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Mixing Audio: The Out of Speakers Trick

out of speakers trick

Yesterday, the Audio Undone website posted a nice article on a phase trick called the ‘Out of Speakers’ trick. Basically, this is the effect you get when you’re sitting smack in the middle of your speakers, listening to two identical mono signals coming from the speakers, while one side has been phase-inverted. The effect is quite hallucinatory, and best used as a special effect or short gimmick since it will disappear completely when you fold your mix back to mono. It’s not something you should do to instruments that are important in your mix.

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Psychoacoustics: Where Sound Meets Your Brain


In this article, Emmanuel Deruty (Sound on Sound) has a close look at psychoacoustics and the human ear. He shows that it’s literally crammed with equalizers and dynamic compressors, including a multi‑band compressor. It even includes a filter bank, as well as a highly sophisticated analogue‑to‑digital converter. Having this knowledge has practical consequences for music production: topics like choice of monitoring level, how to deal with bass frequencies in a mix, and how to deal with frequency overlap are all covered in the article. Miss this, and you’ll miss out!

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