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Free Plugin for Logic Pro – Proximity

proximity logic pro free plugin

Proximity could be called a panning tool, or simply a stereo tool, but perhaps we should just bluntly (dangerously?) call it the fader of the future. This free plugin for Logic Pro enables you to psychoacoustically position audio, and lets you manipulate the depth of sounds in a straightforward manner by combining several psychoacoustic phenomena that come into play when you’re mixing audio.

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Free Saturation Plugin: Klanghelm IVGI

free distorion plugin klanghelm

This free saturation plugin was developed by Tony Frenzel from Klanghelm Audio Plugins, a Berlin based software company specialized in creating audio plugins and standalone audio applications. Currently, Klanghelm is a one man show. Tony Frenzel has rich roots in both music and coding, but sucked at soldering. That realization propelled him into being fascinated by DSP (Digital Signal Processing).

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