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Free Kontakt Instrument – Low Drums for Small Woofers

I absolutely love discovering and supporting these little startups from around the globe, taking their shot at becoming supernovae in the ever-expanding universe of Native Instruments’ Kontakt instruments. Today’s find via KVR, named “Low Drums”, is from Rastsound, a team of audio creatives based in Istanbul and Berlin.

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Free Kontakt Instruments – Male Choir, Unison String Quartet and Tenor Recorder

Today’s spotlight is on Embertone from North Carolina USA, a company that makes affordable instruments for Native Instrument’s Kontakt sampler software. They specialize in sampled solo strings, winds, and percussion. They offer a few free Kontakt instruments as well: Ancient Voices, Ivory Wind and Intimate Strings LITE.

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Free Kontakt Instrument with Snaps, Claps, Shouts and Stomps

a picture of a free kontakt instrument with choir snaps finger snaps and claps

If you’ve been searching for some fresh samples of snaps, claps, slaps, stomps, and shouts, pick up Red Room Audio’s vocal and body effects virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt (full version). It’s entirely free and sounds great!

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Free Cinematic Kontakt Instrument – Project Exodus

free kontakt instrument project exodus

99 Sounds released Project Exodus, a free Kontakt library for electronic musicians, film score composers, and sound designers.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Baby Grand

sample modern baby grand

Sample Modern have released Baby Grand, a free instrument for Kontakt (full version).

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5 Free Kontakt Instruments by Cinematique Instruments

cinematique instruments ensemblia

Cinematique Instruments have recently released a free version of Ensemblia, an instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt that lets you easily create polyphonic chamber arrangements and textures. That brings the number of free Kontakt libraries they offer to five.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Output Signal

free kontakt instrument output signal

Here’s a nice addition to your collection of free sounds for Native Instruments Kontakt: Output Sounds have released a free version of Signal, its powerful pulse engine that combines fat analog synths and live instruments.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Steinway Grand 3

free kontakt instrument steinway grand 3

Steinway Grand 3 is a free Kontakt instrument released by Hephaestus Sounds.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Stroh Violin


The Stroh Violin is a free Kontakt instrument made by ImpactSoundWorks. The violin, invented by electrical engineer John Matthias Augustus Stroh, was thoroughly sampled with three custom-mapped articulations and a rhythmic sequencer.

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5 Free Kontakt Instruments by Rhythmic Robot

free kontakt instrument Commodore 64

Here are 5 free Kontakt instruments developed by Rhythmic Robot who as they state on their website “like to take cool, interesting, dusty old hardware and turn it into cool, interesting, dusty Kontakt instruments”.

You have been warned 😉

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Shortnoise – Free Kontakt Instrument ($199 Value)


Shortnoise by Prodyon is a free Kontakt instrument with a 6GB sample library and over 300 Kontakt instruments and 150 multis to choose from. The library used to cost $199, and is now free after signup at the VSTBuzz website.

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Cracklebot – Free Kontakt Instrument

cracklebot free kontakt instrument

Cracklebot, made by Fairly Confusing Waveforms, is an automated drum machine based on vinyl noise samples for Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2 or higher.

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Percussa Tool Box – Free Kontakt Instrument

free kontakt instrument percussa tool box

The Percussa Tool Box by composer Richard Gould is a free Kontakt library containing a range of percussion instruments. It contains some obscure elements such a rain stick, an ocean drum and a thunder tube, and includes unorthodox techniques such as bowed cymbal.

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Kontakt Freebie – Sägezahn 2015

free kontakt instrument sagezahn

This free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt was made by Cinematique Instruments: Sägezahn 2015 contains sounds which were made by using the sawtooth generator/ oscillators and filters of the Korg MS20, Roland JX-3P, Ensoniq ESQ-1 and Electro Harmonix Microsynth.

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Roland Juno 106 Samples – Free Kontakt Instrument

free roland juno 106 samples kontakt 5

For their first release, Particle Sound has put nearly 500Mb of samples taken from the classic Roland Juno 106 in a free instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Simple Flute

free kontakt instrument simple flute

Simple Flute is a free kontakt instrument by Fluffy Audio featuring a controllable amount of vibrato, three phase locked dynamic layers, legato control, long and short articulations, micro tuning presets and a wide selection of impulse reverb presets.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Raging Synth

free kontakt instrument raging synth

Raging Synth by Sample Diggers is a free Kontakt instrument that features warm bass sounds and thick leads from a modern classic desktop bass synth, recorded through high-end converters and Focusrite ISA preamps.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – New Age Hippies – Pads

new age hippies

This free Kontakt instrument from Audiobombs contains 35 multi-sampled pad instruments from various hardware and software synths.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Solo Viola Lite

norhtern instruments solo viola lite

This Kontakt sample library was made available by Northern Scoring Tools from Yorkshire, England.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Waves Factory Freelodica

free kontakt instruments freelodica

Sofar it has been quite a good week for those looking to expand their library of free Kontakt instruments. Kindly brought to you by Wavesfactory, this melodica sample library has been modeled after the imperfect behaviour of the real thing, with both original tuning and perfectly tuned samples, 2 microphone positions, breath controls, and more.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Karoryfer Cello

free kontakt instrument cello

Karoryfer Lecolds and Bigcat Instruments released a free Kontakt instrument based on a simple cello sample library, which is intended to be flexible and easy to use. The cello was recorded close-miked, without vibrato, and the samples are completely unprocessed.

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Free Kontakt Instruments by Prodyon

free kontakt instruments

The team at Prodyon have been giving away free Kontakt instruments on a daily basis recently, to get the word out on their upcoming release of the new Shortnoise 2 Instrument that will be released on October 1st.

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Free Audio Samples – Egyptian Darabuka

free egyptian darabuka samples

Composer, foley artist and sound designer Mahmoud Altaf from Egypt has released a collection of free audio samples of a Darabuka for Kontakt and EXS24.

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Free Kontakt Instrument – Kosmology FreeFall

kosmology freefall

Nice one for your collection of free Kontakt instruments: Kosmology FreeFall is a free version of the powerful Kosmology Sequencing System, which uses 110 sampled instruments collected from current Kosmology and Kosmos products to offer a free entry point into the world of Kosmology.

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