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Poll – Which Mac Do You Use to Run Logic Pro ?

logic pro x macbook

Apple’s Logic Pro developers have been hard at work. The recent 10.3 (and 10.3.1) updates are fantastic. However, as with their other “single dot” releases, the minimum OS requirements were updated. Apple’s (unofficial) policy seems to be to support one Mac OS version previous to the current one, but nothing earlier. So, with Sierra being the current Mac OS, El Capitan became the minimum OS required for Logic Pro X 10.3, just as Yosemite became the minimum OS required to run Logic Pro X 10.2.

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Poll – How Reliable Is Your Logic Pro X System?

Logic Pro X Reliability

Yesterday on Pro Tools Expert, Pro Tools users have been polled and it seems like there’s a lot of problems. At all the Expert sites, we would like to see if this is the same across all major DAW’s. So, regardless of what kind of Mac you’re using to run Logic Pro X, how reliable would you say your Logic Pro X system is?

Take the poll, and of course comments are welcome:

Logic Pro Expert – How To Stay In The Loop

logic pro expert social

As you have likely come to know, the Logic Pro Expert website launched just short of a month ago, on Feb 1st 2014.

Since the launch of, our team has seen a tremendous response from all readers, both existing (from Danski’s Logic Pro blog) and new. Since many of the social media channels have changed, we at Logic Pro Expert thought it’d be time for an overview of all the ways you can stay in the loop on news, reviews, and the best tips and tricks for those working with the almighty DAW called Logic Pro for Mac.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us!

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Meet The New Logic Pro Expert Team


As the Editor and Founder of Pro Tools Expert, when I was asked to consider creating Logic Pro Expert I was certain it would only be possible if we had a great team of experienced Logic Pro users as part of the team. We’re delighted to have some of the best Logic Pro trainers around, to help fulfil our aim to give the Logic Pro community a place to come to for the latest Logic Pro news, tips, tricks and related product reviews.

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Danski’s Logic Pro Blog is Dead – Long Live Logic Pro Expert


Good morning, campers!

Big news, you guys. Starting Feb 1st, 2014, yours truly and Russ Hughes – founder of the famous Pro Tools Expert site – will continue this site under a different name: Logic Pro Expert. The new URL will be, and that’s what the old will redirect to. This move will enable us to bring more tutorials, independent product reviews and relevant audio industry news. Hat tip to you all, and thanks for reading, commenting, all the thumbs up and the thumbs down.



Press Release.

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