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How To Build a UREI 1176 FET Compressor Clone

UREI 1176 FET Compressor clone

First built in 1967, the UREI 1176 is a classic audio compressor designed by renowned American audio engineer, songwriter, producer, and studio designer Bill Putnam (1920–1989). The compressor has been used in countless recordings throughout the decades, and many modern recording studios still use (a revision of) this piece of hardware. If you have DIY (Do It Yourself) blood running through your veins, head over to the Mason Audio website now, to find a magnificent collection of tips on how to build a UREI 1176 FET Compressor clone yourself.

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Hans Zimmer Needs A New Hollywood Composer

hans zimmer wants you

World renowned composer Hans Zimmer – no further introduction needed – is looking for the next Hollywood composer on SoundCloud to mentor and join the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, a joint venture between Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions, Extreme Music and Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

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New Kontakt Sample Library – Rhythmic Robot Audio – Lambda

rhythmic robot audio lambda

Rhythmic Robot Audio must be one of the coolest sample laboratories out there. They meticulously sample vintage gear, and turn them into affordable Kontakt .nki instruments. On top of that, they add extra functionality like giving old-school drum machines velocity switching, or making monosynths polyphonic. Today they released Lambda, a sample library based on the Korg ES50, first produced in 1979.

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Free Audio Samples – Novation Synths And Drum Machines

novation free samples

The people at Novation, famous for synths used by acclaimed electronic and dance musicians including Orbital, M4SONIC, Rudimental, T.E.E.D, Lunice, Teddy Riley, Jimmy Mac (keyboardist for international sensation Lorde) have been feeling mighty generous. They’re offering you hundreds of Megabytes of hits and loops from legendary and modern classic Novation synths and drum machines in their Heritage Synth Sample Pack, for free.

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Meet The New Logic Pro Expert Team


As the Editor and Founder of Pro Tools Expert, when I was asked to consider creating Logic Pro Expert I was certain it would only be possible if we had a great team of experienced Logic Pro users as part of the team. We’re delighted to have some of the best Logic Pro trainers around, to help fulfil our aim to give the Logic Pro community a place to come to for the latest Logic Pro news, tips, tricks and related product reviews.

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Danski’s Logic Pro Blog is Dead – Long Live Logic Pro Expert


Good morning, campers!

Big news, you guys. Starting Feb 1st, 2014, yours truly and Russ Hughes – founder of the famous Pro Tools Expert site – will continue this site under a different name: Logic Pro Expert. The new URL will be, and that’s what the old will redirect to. This move will enable us to bring more tutorials, independent product reviews and relevant audio industry news. Hat tip to you all, and thanks for reading, commenting, all the thumbs up and the thumbs down.



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Affordable Saturation with the Colour Modular Analog Saturator


This looks very interesting. Colour is the first modular, analog saturation hardware unit for the professional recording enthousiast. It allows you to add three unique types of analog color to your recording chain with one 500-series module. After more than a year of development, DIY Colour kits and assembled units are just about ready to go into production in February 2014.

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