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The Future of Logic Pro X – Calling All Sleuths!

logic pro x record to sampler

Dennis, Doug, and I have been uncovering some mysterious Logic Pro X artifacts in the past few days. Could these be clues as to what’s in store for us down the road? On their own, they are nothing. In fact, even together they could be nothing. Or, they could be something. But hell, speculating is fun! We invite you to do your own sleuthing and share your hypothesis on the future of Logic Pro.

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Your Questions , Our Answers – Setting Up a Headphone Mix

universal audio apollo interface

One of our readers asked the following question regarding setting up a headphone mix in Logic Pro X.

As a long term Pro Tools user who also needs to use Logic Pro X, I’m struggling to create a stereo headphone mix to send to a separate recording room. I am trying to figure out how to do this, so that when I solo or mute a channel in the control room, it doesn’t do the same in the headphone mixes. I tried to create 2 pre-fade sends to separate outputs on my Universal Audio Apollo audio interface but they don’t act like I expect them to. Can you help?

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7 Tips on How To Practice Your Instrument

practice an instrument

In this article on Logic Pro Expert, Groove3 trainer Eli Krantzberg is going to share with you some ideas on how to practice your instrument, and how to optimize whatever limited time we have to do so. It doesn’t matter if you play three chord guitar, jazz piano, rock drums, concert violin, or if you are a death metal vocalist. These are general principles that apply to us all, and that we can all benefit from.

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