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The New Music Business, Credits, and the Metadata Revolution

a picture of a hundred dollar bill on a mixing desk

We all know how difficult it is to earn a living from making music. Whether we are composers, artists, session musicians, producers, or sound engineers, it’s a constant struggle for both recognition and financial reward. Music streaming is the new distribution method, and compensation schemes for content creators haven’t fully caught up to this new model yet.

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Review – The Orchestra by Sonuscore

Eli Krantzberg reviews The Orchestra by Sonuscore, a revolutionary 80-player orchestral sample library for NI Kontakt Player featuring a breakthrough Ensemble-Engine that allows you to create quick ensemble sketches with minimal effort or write complex orchestral arrangements.

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Video – Tweaking Space Designer

a screenshot of the Space Designer plugin in Logic Pro X

I was working on a mix recently and came up with some Space Designer tweaks on the snare reverb that really helped the overall drum groove sit nicely in the arrangement. By adding a bit of pre-delay, I was able to separate the snare attack from the reverb bloom. The tempo was slow enough, and the groove sparse enough, for this to work very effectively.

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