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Arranging Pop Horn Parts

Logic Pro’s included software instruments place a lot of emphasis on rhythm section and synth sounds. And that’s fine. But what about brass and woodwind sounds? Unfortunately, the included library has scant few brass samples to work with, and what is there is nowhere near the caliber of the other sound categories. Horn parts have been, and continue to be, an important aspect of arranging in so many forms of popular music. And it is unfortunate that it is often overlooked in our DAW based world.

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Review – The Orchestra by Sonuscore

Eli Krantzberg reviews The Orchestra by Sonuscore, a revolutionary 80-player orchestral sample library for NI Kontakt Player featuring a breakthrough Ensemble-Engine that allows you to create quick ensemble sketches with minimal effort or write complex orchestral arrangements.

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Video – Tweaking Space Designer

a screenshot of the Space Designer plugin in Logic Pro X

I was working on a mix recently and came up with some Space Designer tweaks on the snare reverb that really helped the overall drum groove sit nicely in the arrangement. By adding a bit of pre-delay, I was able to separate the snare attack from the reverb bloom. The tempo was slow enough, and the groove sparse enough, for this to work very effectively.

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Logic Pro Tip – Plan Ahead!

Logic Pro Tip - Plan Ahead Header Image

I had a colleague here at my studio last week. He asked me to help him put the finishing touches on a couple of mixes that he started in Logic Pro on his own. They were due for delivery the next day, and he just wanted me to make a few quick tweaks and add some sub group processing with a few plug-ins he doesn’t’ have. He assured me he didn’t want to spend more than an hour or two on it.

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Logic Pro Tutorial – Secondary Modulation with EXS 24

Secondary Modulation with EXS 24 03 Fixed LFO 2 value

I just completed a series of videos on the new Analog Strings instrument from Output and was blown away with the incredible sounding modulations created with their Flux feature. This type of function is often referred to as secondary modulation: modulating the modulator. The rhythmically complex patterns that result are very compelling. How can we emulate this sort of vibe with Logic Pro’s plug-ins?

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Review – Exponential Audio R4

Exponential Audio R4 Review Title Image

Exponential Audio offer three fantastic sounding reverb plug-ins. Phoenixverb, R2, and Nimbus. R4 ups the ante with unprecedented features to shape the early reflections and tail portions of the reverb signal independently. It is the culmination of “clean” and “character” reverbs rolled into one easy to use reverb plug-in that does everything you need and didn’t know you needed from reverb. Let’s take a look at what makes R4 unique.

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