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Review – MainStage Auto Sampler

review mainstage auto sampler

Since the release of MainStage 3.1 users have discovered Auto Sampler. It allows the user to sample external and software instruments, then creates an EXS24 instrument for use in both MainStage and Logic Pro. Creating custom instruments can save RAM and CPU by loading fewer instruments and/or samples, as well as eliminating the need of having external instruments connected. All of this is a bigger advantage to MainStage users, who are typically using smaller computers and hauling everything to the gig.

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Review – Babylonwaves Art Conductor 1.5

art conductor screenshot

Babylonwaves Art Conductor 1.5 is designed to allow the user to view and modify articulation changes as automation in a track’s automation lane. It can use either MIDI note, MIDI channel or UACC information (Universal Articulation Controller Channel – created by Spitfire) to achieve this. It comes with generic and custom scripts and a manual that helps you through the process.

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Score Editor – Record a New Track with an Existing Guide Track

score editor overview

We got this question on our Facebook Page recently:

Let’s say I record a Cello line, then I want to record a Violin line on top of it with a different track. I want to be able to see the cello line play back in the Score Editor so I know what notes to harmonize with. Every time I try this the Cello line disappears and only shows the score of the track I’m working on (violin). Any thoughts? Suggestions? Help?

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