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Logic Pro X 10.2 Is On The Streets

logic pro x 10.2


Logic Pro X 10.2 was just released. Let’s just call it the “Alchemy” edition.

Read up here:

More good stuff on CDM:

Alchemy synth is now a part of Logic Pro X; here’s what’s new

And on MacRumors (thanks a bunch Rich!):

Logic Pro X and MainStage Updated With Alchemy Integration From Recent Acquisition

As always, Apple’s 10.2 Release notes.

That link should work. Promise me you’ll blame Apple if it still links to an older version.

Happy days everyone. Go explore, and have fun.

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Free Four Track Recorder for iPhone – Spire by iZotope

Free Four Track Recorder for iPhone - Spire by iZotope

Need to quickly record some ideas on your iPhone for your next project? iZotope have recently released Spire, a free four track recorder for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It runs on much of the same powerful processing as iZotope’s flagship software. The app automatically adds polish to your recordings, so you can easily record, mix, and share audio from anywhere.

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New Apple Support Pages

apple logo

It’s good to see that amid the recent release of some cool new products, Apple has published quite a few new or modified support articles on Here’s a quick overview of support articles that apply to Logic Pro users. This post was first published on April 13th 2015.

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Tips for Electronic Music Producers – New Book by Dennis deSantis

Making Music- A Book of Creative Strategies

Excellent tip from Martin at Ableton Live Expert: Ableton have published a book called ‘Making Music: A Book of Creative Strategies’, by Dennis deSantis – Ableton’s Head of Documentation – or ‘he who wrote TFM’. The book is for anyone who makes music using computers. No specific DAW is required, many chapters are free to read on a dedicated and distraction free web page.

Read up.

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Compressor Stereo Linking with Fabfilter Pro-MB

fabfilter pro mb video tutorial

Besides making great audio plugins, Fabfilter make great video tutorials for their products. In the latest tutorial, Dan Worrall explains the use of compressor stereo linking using FabFilter Pro-MB, the multiband compressor and expander plug-in. Working with different drum and guitar tracks and miking techniques, he shows various techniques for enhancing the stereo image and depth of your recordings.

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