Review – Waves PRS SuperModels Guitar Amp Plugin

a screenshot of the Waves PRS SuperModels Guitar Amp plugin in Logic Pro X

Eli reviews the all new PRS SuperModels guitar amp plugin, developed by Waves in collaboration with boutique guitar amp maker and guitarist Paul Reed Smith.

Waves PRS SuperModels

Waves have just released a collection of three new amp and cabinet modeling plug-ins. PRS SuperModels was designed in collaboration with the well-known luthier and boutique amp maker Paul Reed Smith. Waves use their Precision Analog Component Modelling technology to model every aspect of these amps from tubes to the circuitry.

Auto Gain

One of the small but significant and noteworthy features I feel warrants a special callout is the auto gain function. So much of getting the most out of these amp/cabinet emulations on the market today is about getting the right impedance and level into the circuitry so that they respond in their intended range.

The auto gain function allows you to play your live signal into the plug-in for a few seconds, after which it will autodetect the level and set the input gain to the optimal position. This is a great way to ensure you are getting the best out of the modeling that follows.

Third-party Impulse Responses

Another fantastic feature that allows this to function as an open environment is that you can use your own or third-party cabinet impulse response files.

Waves thoughtfully added functions called Phase Fix and Time Fix controls to correct any phase issues between different impulse responses when you use two cabinets together.

This makes creative experimentation worry free.


Rather than talk on and on about the features, let’s listen. I had a guitar player buddy over to record, and we put these guitar amp models through their paces.

In this video, after a preliminary look at the interface controls, I’ll play you a short section of his guitar solos going through several different instances of these plug-ins.

You can hear the range of tones for yourself:

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