Logic Pro X’s Articulation IDs and Chris Hein Solo Strings

a picture of the articulation ID options in the Piano Roll Editor in Logic Pro X

In this video, Eli Krantzberg shows you how to edit the existing violin articulation ID set to work with the Chris Hein Solo Violin instrument.

Chris Hein Solo Strings

The Chris Hein Solo Strings library is the most comprehensive set of string instruments I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Each instrument has 26 pre-programmed articulation switches. So, not only do you get the usual short and long playing styles but lots of nuanced variations of each, as well of course as more esoteric articulations.

The legato transitions between notes are the best I’ve heard to date. The performance parameters are extremely customizable but are already set to sound great straight out of the box. The included convolution reverbs blend so perfectly with the samples that you aren’t even aware of them until you edit some of the parameters.

The vibratos and LFO shapes are all customizable and perfectly laid out to work with string instruments. One thing I really like about this collection of solo instruments is the ability to turn them into Ensembles. By increasing the number of players (up to five), this library contains the makings of fantastic sounding small ensemble sections.

Articulation IDs

These solo instruments also sound fantastic when paired with Logic Pro X’s new Studio Strings ensembles and sections. The extensive articulation switching available in the Chris Hein instruments is perfectly suited to be paired with Logic’s new Articulation ID system.

In this video, I’ll show you how to edit the existing violin articulation ID set to work with the Chris Hein Solo Violin instrument. Setting up your third-party libraries to work with Logic’s articulation ID switching functions is a great way to get one consistent workflow under your belt that you can use across all sample libraries.

To learn more about the Chris Hein Solo Strings titles, check them out here at Best Service:


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