“Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.4” Now available as Interactive Multi-Touch iBook

The book “Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.4“, the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of the 10.4 update, now is also available as interactive multi-touch iBook on Apple’s iBooks Store (in addition to the pdf file and printed book version).

All the links are at http://www.DingDingMusic.com/DingDing/Buy.html

What are Enhanced iBooks?

This is not just a Kindle-style eBook. The Enhanced iBooks display a special “Made for iBooks” logo in the iBooks Store that indicates the special feature-set of those books. You can download a free Sample Book of this book on the iBooks Store to explore this amazing way of learning. I even include a 15 pages introduction, explaining the functionality.

Not only are all the graphics in high-resolution in this 468 pages book, one of the additional feature, not included in the pdf version, is the 600 term glossary that is linked throughout the content of the book. You can click on a highlighted word, and a popup menu displays the glossary entry (with graphics) with further related links. Or you can study the app just by going through the glossary terms, and you even can make flashcards with the click of a button.

No other full-size manual is available in this interactive format that is the best way to learn an app in an easy way. These interactive multi-touch iBooks can be viewed on iPads, iPhones, and even on your Mac using the iBooks app.

Learn and Understand The 10.4 Features

If you haven’t checked out my Graphically Enhanced Manuals series, I explain everything with rich graphics and diagrams that makes is super easy to understand and to apply the various functionality. This is especially important for the new Smart Tempo and Articulation & Keyswitches features. Unfortunately, there is not much information available from Apple, which created a lot of confusion in the Logic community and misinformation on various YouTube videos.

Here are a few examples of the many graphics that I use the explain the various features.

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich is a composer, producer, educator and author of the best-selling book series “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” He is a graduate of the prestigious Tonmeister program at the University of Arts in Berlin where he also was teaching for five years. His musical work in a wide variety of styles includes numerous scores for films and TV shows plus compositions for ballet and sacred music. His recent re-recording of the Blade Runner soundtrack (done exclusively in Logic Pro!) achieved critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Follow him on Twitter @EdgarRothermich
Edgar Rothermich

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  • cosmicfish

    An absolute must for any logic user especially for the Smart Tempo section. Thanks Edgar!

    • EdgarRothermich

      You are welcome.

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