Free Kontakt Instrument – Low Drums for Small Woofers

I absolutely love discovering and supporting these little startups from around the globe, taking their shot at becoming supernovae in the ever-expanding universe of Native Instruments’ Kontakt instruments. Today’s find via KVR, named “Low Drums”, is from Rastsound, a team of audio creatives based in Istanbul and Berlin.

Low Drums

What you’ll get with this little free drum sample library is eight low drum sounds, with four layers each. It’s a teaser product for Rastsound’s Designer Drums library which I believe is still in development.

Audio Example

I thought the audio example was not that impressive since there isn’t any context.

But I’m thinking “drum layering” here.

As for music genre, I’m thinking Timbaland-ish, perhaps some R&B, Urban, Kanye?

Who knows what these samples will work with, right?

They may go together well with the stomp sample library I wrote about earlier.


Download the samples here:

They’ll want your name and email address in return of course. As a thank you for checking out their freebie, you’ll get a one time 10% discount on your next purchase in Rastsound’s webshop.

Check ‘m out!

Have fun.

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