Exponential Audio Plug-Ins & Logic Pro X 10.3.3

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Michael Carnes, from Exponential Audio, has done some incredible sleuthing to suss out a mysterious, seemingly random problem some users have been experiencing with his products in the latest Logic Pro X 10.3.3 update.

It seems that under certain very specific circumstances, users have been reporting that some Exponential Audio plug-ins have disappeared from Logic Pro. The Plug-in Manager doesn’t show them at all, and the auval scanner never even opens them. Yet they still appear in other AU hosts. After careful deduction, the following conclusions (and remedy) were drawn by Michael.

So, if you are using any of the Exponential Audio reverbs or delays and have experienced them mysteriously disappearing; read on:

Michael’s Conclusions

• I’ve only seen it with Logic Pro X 10.3.3

• I’ve only seen it on MacOS High Sierra.

• My High Sierra systems all use the APFS file system. I don’t know if this shows up on systems with rotating drives.

• The problem seems to occur when a plugin is installed when another version of the plug was not on the system. In other words, a virgin system.

• After installation, the plugin does not appear on the list of available plugins.

• The plugin does not appear in Plugin Manager as a failed scan.

• The plugin is visible in the Finder.

• Deleting the au cache file has no effect on the visibility of the plugin.

• A rescan will not find the plugin.

Michael’s Solution

A reboot of the system appears to fix the problem.

If any of you have experienced this problem, this remedy should work for you.

Learn more about Exponential Audio products here:


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Eli Krantzberg

Apple Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg is an internationally known author and music software trainer for Groove3. His instructional videos have helped demystify music software such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sonar, BFD, Melodyne, and Kontakt for thousands of users all over the world. Based in Montreal, Canada, Eli is involved in all aspects of audio production. In his studio he works with various artists, as well as on commercial jingles, corporate videos, and original music composition.
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  • Michael Carnes

    Thanks Eli,
    This may actually happen for any plugin that’s new to a system. Initial reports I received were from new users. The way I duplicated the situation was by making my test systems forget all about the plugs. Once the plug is known to Logic, there doesn’t seem to be a continuing problem. So it wouldn’t surprise me if this was more widespread.

  • theHlessOne

    This is not limited to Exponential Audio’s plugins, and also happened in Logic 10.3.2 in High Sierra. I’ve been having the same trouble with new Positive Grid plugins and similar issues with updates to plugins from Audio Ease and IK Multimedia. This did not happen before moving to High Sierra and also impacts traditional hard drives running HFS+. A reboot fixes the issue but is a bit irritating. Apple’s quality control has slipped greatly in the past year.

  • Wade Cottingham

    Just reinstalled several hundred plugins on a new iMac with High Sierra and latest Logic Pro. For about half of the plugins, I had to restart the computer to get Logic to recognize a newly installed plugin. I got used to it after awhile, just routine. Even though maybe it “shouldn’t” be necessary……….. I can’t remember for sure, but I’m pretty sure I never had to restart the computer so many times when I was installing plugins on my previous computer with Logic and El Capitan. P.S. My files system is the older file system not the new one.

  • Michael Carnes

    I’ve just had an acknowledgement from Apple. They’ve been able to drive the problem (once you know how, it’s not hard) and they’re working on it. My best guess is that this was some sort of speed optimization that turned out not to be so optimal.

  • Tom Thomas

    I just installed 10.3.3 on a machine that we use for Testing we are using 10.3.2 for our main rig. but have found that since switching to high sierra it randomly corrupts sessions on all SSD drive formated to apples extended journaled format found this out the hard way when we lost a whole days work with a bunch of live musicians in the room( checked with apple’s pro support this is a known bug the only work around is to revert to spinners or upgrade to 10.3.3). Anyway doing conformity testing on 10.3.3 it is stabile enough on the test machine but I cannot get it to find the bulk of my plug ins no matter what I do which makes it a no go as of now as we now mix strictly in the box since we sold the bulk of our outboard gear in the last year.

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