Free Kontakt Instruments – Male Choir, Unison String Quartet and Tenor Recorder

Today’s spotlight is on Embertone from North Carolina USA, a company that makes affordable instruments for Native Instrument’s Kontakt sampler software. They specialize in sampled solo strings, winds, and percussion. They offer a few free Kontakt instruments as well: Ancient Voices, Ivory Wind and Intimate Strings LITE.

Note: all Kontakt instruments below were made for Kontakt 4.2.4 and up (not the free Kontakt Player).

Ambient Voices

For this instrument, team Embertone recorded a professional male chamber choir. It features a 2-octave range, going from C2 to C4. There are three dynamics: Quiet, Medium and Loud, which you can crossfade between via MIDI CC.

Audio Example

Intimate Strings LITE

This Kontakt instrument contains samples of a string quartet playing in unison, good for solo phrasing or to add color to your existing string sample library. Samples were recorded at 48 Khz/16-Bit. True legato via custom Kontakt scripting, 3X round robin.

Audio Example

Ivory Wind

This one features an 80-year old tenor recorder made of wood and ivory. By using the Modwheel, you can control the vibrato intensity; the pitch bend controls the vibrato speed. The sample resolution is 44.1Khz / 24-bit stereo, 3X round robin is optional.

Audio Example


You can download the instruments here, they’ll become available after adding them to your shopping cart and filling out your name and email address.

Take a good look around; you’ll find a few more free Kontakt instruments there!

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