Audio Modern Kontakt Instruments up to 70% Off

Audio Modern’s Kontakt Instruments, perfect for cinematic sound design and ambient or experimental music production, are up to 70% off until December 21st, 2017.

Complete Instrument Bundle

This bundle features all twelve of Audiomodern’s Kontakt instruments and saves 63% compared to individual purchases.

For example, it includes Atom:

And Abuser, with 1.738 audio samples from recordings of various devices feeding into the Sherman filterbank, a filter effect box with a unique tube sound:

Other Kontakt Instruments in the bundle:

Glitchee II
Glitchee III
SYNC | Intelligent Polyrhythms
SYNC 2 | Intelligent Polyrhythms
SYNC 3 | Intelligent Polyrhythms
ModulARPS | Twisted Modular Goodness
ModulARPS 2 | Twisted Modular Goodness
Paths | Expressive Electronica & Ambient
Paths 2 | Atmospheric Pieces & Underscores

Price: € 199.00 (€ 539.00 if bought individually.)

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