New FabFilter Pro-L2 Limiter Plugin Announced – Video & First Impression

a screenshot of the new fabfilter pro-l2 limiter plugin

Good news for mixing and mastering engineers: Amsterdam based audio plugin company Fabfilter has announced FabFilter Pro-L2, the follow-up version of their Pro-L limiter plugin for mastering and mixing. In a recent Pro Tools Expert poll, Fabfilter’s Pro-L was voted Most Used Limiter Plugin amongst Pro Tools Users.

What’s New in FabFilter Pro-L2

  • New limiting styles, including a “Modern” style for preserving punch, and a “Safe” style which avoids distortion at all costs, suitable for dynamic orchestral recordings.
  • An external side chain input for applying brick wall limiting to a full mix while you’re working with multiple stems. After summing the stems, the result will be brick wall limiting.
  • True peak limiting to catch intersample peaks.
  • Short-term, momentary, and integrated loudness metering to conform to new broadcast standards, and optimize loudness for streaming platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, et al.)
  • In the output section, a 1:1 mode lets you push the input gain while the output gain is attenuated by the same amount, so you can hear precisely what the limiter is doing without experiencing an increase in volume.
  • Option to filter DC offset from the input signal.
  • Support for multi-channel surround formats up to 7.1, Dolby Atmos (AAX version).
  • Up to 32 times oversampling.

Introduction Video

Watch and hear Dan Worrall guide you through all new features in about 8 minutes:

First Impression

Watch mastering engineers Darcy Proper and Sander van der Heide check out FabFilter Pro-L 2’s new features at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, The Netherlands:

Pricing & Availability

Pro-L2 will be available to try out and for purchase on December 5th for EUR 169/$199/£149 from the FabFilter website.

Check your Fabfilter account for details regarding introductory offers and upgrade options on the day of release. Upgrades will be paid, with discounts ranging from 50% to 65% depending on what Fabfilter plugins you already own. According to Fabfilter’s Facebook page, if you buy Pro-L now, you’ll get a free upgrade to V2.

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