Review – Wavesfactory Sharine – Shakers and Tambourines Sample Library for Kontakt

Sharine from Wavesfactory is the first shaker and tambourine sample library that fully retains the pre-roll (also called pre-shift) of each sample while keeping the grooves in sync with your DAW.

About Wavesfactory Sharine

As we all know, when you play a shaker or tambourine there is not a single note on transient like there is with, say, a snare drum hit. There is the lead up to the main attack, created by the beads rolling around in the shaker, or the rings on the tambourine, as you move your hand back and forth. Sharine captures the bi-directional movement of these instruments as they are played, and Wavesfactory has scripted each sample to adjust for the pre-roll.

Transients and Sample Pre-roll

Rather than a static sample start offset like most samplers offer, the scripting keeps the main transient in sync regardless of the fact that each sample is unique with a different amount of pre-roll. When triggered from Sharine’s internal sequencer, it plays the pre-roll in advance of the actual note on event. So you get the best of both worlds, ultra-realistic sound with rock-solid timing.

Video – Sharine in Action

The Instrument

The sample library offers eight shakers and four tambourines, each recorded with three mic positions: one mono mic, and two stereo room mics.

The Mixer

The mixer panel is used to blend the level and stereo image of each mic, and a pop-up panel for each instrument are used to adjust their level, panning, and tuning. Layering these instruments is a simple as clicking on them to load/purge their samples.

Sharine loads with eight preset patterns that are triggered from a MIDI keyboard. Multi samples for each backward/ forward left/right movement are mapped out as well; as are accents, rolls, and tambourine hits with sticks.

The Sequencer

But the real power of Sharine is in the sequencer panel.

It is simple and intuitive to edit or create patterns. They can either be drawn with the mouse or played in from a MIDI controller. Static sample start offsets are offered if you prefer that to the pre-roll function (although, I don’t know why anyone would!)

And More…

As a nice bonus, Wavesfactory includes their Rack Effects collection of effects processors. They sound great and are a snap to use. I also like that Sharine ships with individual instruments for each of the twelve percussion instruments. Great for those times when you just want a simple single sound.


I think Wavesfactory has hit on a void that needed to be filled. Percussion instruments are not played like regular instruments, nor should they be sequenced like them.

Now we can finally hear the full motion and trajectory of shakers and tambourines as they truly sound as they move back and forth when being played.

Learn more about Sharine from Wavesfactory here:

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