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a screenshot of the AAS Chromaphone 2 user interface

For those who may be unfamiliar with it, Chromaphone 2 from Applied Acoustics Systems is a fantastic and inspiring software instrument. AAS specializes in instruments featuring software modeling.

What is Chromaphone 2?

Chromaphone 2 is somewhat similar to Logic Pro’s Sculpture, in that it models various string and blown sound sources. But Chromaphone 2 takes it further. It models a host of resonator types and impact generating sources. It allows for combining multiple resonator types and impact generators and controlling the way they interact with each other.

But more importantly, it is WAY easier to navigate and use than Sculpture.

I personally find it way more intuitive and more fun to play!

Sonic Possibilities

I find it has a huge range of sonic possibilities that go from realistic emulations to hyper-real hybrid blends of different resonators types that create unique complex and interesting sounds that are always very playable from a keyboard.

Review – Chromaphone 2

Here is a review video I did on Chromaphone 2 to give you an idea of what it is all about:

Exclusive Deal

Until the end of October, there is an exclusive deal in place for the expert sites that includes a full license plus eight additional sound banks (all really inspiring to play!) for over 40% off.

I’d strongly suggest checking it out and taking advantage of this fantastic offer.

You can find out more about Chromaphone 2 here:


Free Chromaphone 2 Tutorials

And as a bonus, whether you purchase this deal or already own Chromaphone 2, I have a complete set of instructional videos on it available completely free here:

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