Store and Recall Outboard Gear Settings with Snapshot – Free Plugin

a screenshot of snapshot developed by non lethal applications

We all should hit the pub more often! Russ Hughes, the founder of Pro Tools Expert, sat in one the other day and wondered “wouldn’t it be great if you could keep the settings of your (audio) hardware in the sessions of your DAW?”.

A few weeks later: say hello to Snapshot, a free plugin for Mac developed by Non-Lethal Applications that makes it easy to store and manually recall settings of your favorite outboard gear.


The idea behind Snapshot is simple but ingenious: you take a picture of the outboard audio hardware you’re using in your recording session, and use Snapshot to store that picture in your DAW.

You’d like to reuse the compression settings you used for a particular vocal session?

Just take a picture of the hardware compressor with your smartphone, send it to your Mac and save it in your DAW session using the Snapshot plug-in.

Easy Peasy Japanesey.

Forgot what voiceover artist you’re working with?

Just take a picture of…

You get the idea.

Snapshot Features

  • Store images of outboard gear in any DAW
  • Resizable GUI (100% or 200%)
  • Add text notes
  • Very easy on the CPU
  • Load images from local disks or Dropbox
  • Developed by Non-Lethal Applications
  • Supports AAX, AU or VST plug-in formats


To download Snapshot, head on over to Pro Tools Expert, and hit the big red “buy now” button (it’s free, only your name and address are required):

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