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Waves recently have released new versions of their Q10, AudioTrack, and L1 plug-ins with their recent 25th Anniversary Update. Their GUIs were long due for a makeover, and there are a few very useful features added onto each.

It got me thinking about how much the interface and visuals play into our perception of a plug-in’s appeal. To be sure, a plug-in needs to sound great for us to choose to use it; but we also want it to look nice.

Mixing with the Waves Gold Bundle

I recently completed a Groove3 video tutorial series on mixing with the venerable Waves Gold Bundle. It is certainly not the sexiest set of plug-ins out there these days. Some of the GUIs (notwithstanding the recent updates) are long in the tooth. And it is absent of the photorealistic hardware emulations we see all around us currently.

Renaissance Collection

But there is still a LOT of life and music left in these valuable old plug-in staples.

I remember being so excited when the early versions of Q10 and L1 were available in the 90’s. They were game changers at the time. Their Renaissance collection has now become classic. I’d be hard-pressed to find a track that the Renaissance Compressor or Renaissance EQ couldn’t handle. The rest of the Gold Bundle plug-ins are all extremely useful and functional for bread and butter chores like reverb, modulation, compression, delays, etc.

Mixing ‘You Don’t Know Me’ by Morey Richman

I had a ball mixing the song You Don’t Know Me (by Morey Richman, sung by Hayley Richman) for this series. Here is a little teaser; a short mix of some of the main song sections toggling between pre and post Gold bundle processing.

Mixing with the Waves Gold bundle

Mixing with the Waves Gold Bundle plug-ins is like putting on a comfortable old sweater. It is familiar, there are no surprises, you know what to expect, and you feel warm all over. And you know that that old sweater is going to be around in your wardrobe long after the trendy new ones you buy each year.

Mixing and Limitations

I am a firm believer in limitations when undertaking a creative endeavor like mixing audio. And restricting myself to the Waves Gold bundle plug-ins in this series was liberating. I didn’t have to worry about choosing between a dozen different compressors and trying to make them fit together. I could focus on just using these flexible and robust great-sounding tools to sculpt my mix.

A Fantasy Past

Free of having to worry about whether I had the most accurate or newest SSL-style “glue” on my bus compressors or Neve peaks in my upper mid-EQs. All I had to do was make it sound good. And it was easy with this reliable solid and ubiquitous collection of plug-ins; free of the dogma and tyranny of adhering to specific console graphics and emulations. That’s not to say that some of them don’t emulate vintage gear. They do. The H and V lines of plug-ins are fantastic sounding “analog” modeled plug-ins. But they don’t hammer you over the head selling you on this ideal vision of a fantasy past that you likely never really experienced originally in the first place!

Visit Groove3.com

So, if you are interested in exploring interesting and creative ways of getting the most out of the Waves Gold bundle plug-ins (and who among us here doesn’t own at least of few of these valuable old treasures), join me in Mixing With Waves Gold Bundle at groove3.com!

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