So You Think You Can Upgrade to High Sierra? Read This First.

a picture of several apple computers running macOS High Sierra

Read up, mes amies from around el mundo. This list is awesome.

Mike and Russ at Pro Tools Expert have been losing hours of sleep lately, just to create a searchable database that shows macOS High Sierra compatibility for the pro audio community.

All major audio hardware and software brands are in it – from Ableton to Zynaptiq.

Check it out, before you make the jump to Apple’s latest operating system. You can search by keyword, and organize the list by brand name, the date of the last update, etc. The list will be updated as soon as any news about macOS High Sierra compatibility comes out.


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  • I can, and I did.

    And so far everything works just fine – Soundtoys, Arturia, FabFilter, and dozens of others all work in LPX and (surprise) Pro Tools 12.5. Even running the Public Beta with previous software versions just, well, worked. ๐Ÿ™‚ Had more issues with the iOS 11 Betas and music software than High Sierra.

    We’ve been through this before and we’ll go through it again, but the early Beta access have really made these OS updates pretty well done by release time.

  • Mild Forts

    Thank you for taking the time to make this extensive and useful list. Kind regards

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