Review – Galaxy Drums by Space Cabin Audio

a picture of the user interface

Galaxy Drums is the first instrument from a new company called Space Cabin Audio. If you like great sounding acoustic drum sets with lots of tweak-ability, this virtual instrument is for you!


Check it out what it looks and sounds like in action here:

Drum Kits

Galaxy Drums includes two four piece drum kits, four snares, and a variety of cymbals. One is a vintage maple set, the other a custom stainless steel kit. The four snares are a variety of classic wood and metal drums.

a picture of the user interface


The drum samples are hosted in a customized version of the Accent plugin from Platinum Samples. It is a full drum plugin complete with individual kit piece bleed into room and overhead mics. Per piece trim, phase invert, tuning, envelope control, effects processing, and aux routing.

Host Third-party Plugins

a picture of the mixer

One standout feature in the mixer is the ability to host third-party VST and AU effects plugins along side the internal ones that ship with the instrument.

MIDI Grooves

To round things out, Galaxy Drums ships with a nicely thought out MIDI groove library. There are controls to customize the timing and feel of the patterns before dragging them into your DAW. There is also an extensive Mapping page, for use with a variety of external MIDI drum controllers.

Galaxy Drums runs on both Windows (Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10) and Mac OS 10.7 or higher.

Learn more about it here:

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