Review – Platform – Output’s new Studio Desk

Eli Krantzberg reviews Output’s Platform, a brand new home studio desk for musicians.

My Old Studio Desk

I have been thinking of changing my studio desk for years. My old desk, although I had grown used to it, was not set up properly for the needs of a musician. My MIDI keyboard was off to the side, and way too high. The qwerty keyboard on a lowered shelf, way too low. I had manually attached cup hooks along the outer perimeter to hold the various mic and speaker cables in place going to and from my audio interface, compressor, control surface, monitors, etc. It all kinda’ worked okay, but it was time for a step up to a proper studio desk for my home studio.

A Studio Desk for Musicians

a picture of platform, the new studio desk from output

Along came the plug-in company Output, disruptors that they are, with of all things, a studio desk for musicians! And wouldn’t you know it, it is designed exactly for the needs of us DAW users. I had looked at some other brands. They were all very nice, but expensive. I couldn’t quite justify the outlay in cash. Platform, the new studio desk from Output, hit the sweet spot dead on in terms of features, aesthetics, and price.

This was it, time to take the long delayed plunge!


I ordered the desk, with the optional pull-out keyboard tray. It was delivered from California to me in Montreal (Canada) in two big boxes, with absolutely no problems at customs – which can often be a big issue for Canadians ordering from the United States.

Setup was fairly straight forward, except for the keyboard tray. The included pictogram was barely comprehensible. But a friend and I had it figured out without pulling out too much of our remaining hair. I love the desk, but truth be told, it has entailed somewhat of an adjustment.

Re-orienting the Workspace

a picture of eli krantzberg new studio desk made by Output

Getting used to the new layout and adjusting to the new heights took a week or so. That was to be expected. But I made one crucial mistake that I would strongly suggest anyone reading this and contemplating a new studio desk, try and avoid.

I changed the placement of the desk in my studio at the same time as changing the desk itself. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem. But in my case, it involved re-orienting not only my work space, but also the sound, and acoustics of my studio. The new orientation has the monitors positioned differently in relation to the walls and door; which as we all know, influences the sound. So as I am getting used to the new surrounding of my physical space, I am also having to “re-learn” my room acoustics somewhat. If you’re like me and try and avoid change until or unless really necessary, don’t make both of these changes at the same time if you can avoid it!

Output Platform Dimensions

Footprint60”36”36 1/2”
Top Bridge59 1/8”16”
Table Top58 5/8”36”30 1/4”

Video – Setting up the Platform Studio Desk

Check out the video below to get a sense of the steps my friend and I went through setting up Platform:

Conclusion – Output Platform is Rock Solid

All in all, I think this is a great studio desk, and a fantastic step up from the audio workstation I had previously. It’s got more rack spaces than I need, so I opted to leave the included rack ears off to better utilize the available real estate.

Output’s Platform is rock solid, and I expect it will be the last studio desk I will ever need to buy. I can’t wait to see what Output comes up with next!

Learn more about the Platform studio desk here:

Pricing, Availability & Delivery Time

The natural coloured version of Platform as seen in this review costs $549/€699 including VAT. The Kodiak Brown version costs $649/€799 including VAT. The keyboard tray is optional and is priced at 150 in both currencies.

Delivery time will be approximately two weeks within the United States and up to 6 weeks for European customers. Shipping rates are at a flat rate of $99/€99 for the lower 48 US states, Canada, and Europe.

Subscribe to the Platform waitlist to get notified once the studio desk becomes available in your country.

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