Video Tutorial – Using the McDSP 6034 Ultimate Multi-Band Dynamics Processor

McDSP has come out with a new multi-band dynamics plug-in. The 6034 Ultimate Multi-Band Dynamics Processor takes all of the great sounding modules we love from the 6050 Ultimate Compressor and puts them into a new container with a four band crossover network. Multi-Band compression has never been easier, or more fun!

Video – Using the McDSP 6034 Ultimate Multi-Band Dynamics Processor

Cross-over Section

The cross-over section at the top of the interface is very intuitive to use. There is a low and high shelf, with two bands in between. The choice of slopes (24 dB, 12 dB, or 6 dB per octave) offers great flexibility in how surgical versus smooth sounding you want the transition between the ranges. I like going for a gentler slope on a master bus, for less dramatic differences between the different ranges.

Module Section

The module section has the familiar modules we know from the 6050 Ultimate Compressor, some of which have been enhanced with internal makeup gain; making them even easier to use effectively in a multi-band context. There are three gating/expansion modules available to round out the choices. I used the EZ G gate to tighten up the bottom end of a drum bus while compressing the areas above with different degrees of intensity.


The module Bay houses the four modules. Each is conveniently fitted with a bypass and solo button.The inclusion of the ability to link them is a nice touch. Often we don’t necessarily need dramatic differences in the four different ranges. This allows the user to conveniently set the common values between the modules, while still being able to unlink them when necessary to make specific tweaks where necessary.

And of course, the highlight of the McDSP “ultimate” line of plug-ins, is the easy ability to swap out models on the fly. So, once you have your general settings in place, it is easy and fun to experiment with different types of compression in the different slots.

Tons of Presets

The 6030 Ultimate MB ships with a ton of useful preset to get you started. This plug-in is possibly the least intimidating multi-band dynamics plug-in I have ever come across. It is not only an excellent way for beginners to get started with multi-band compression, but also a fantastic tool for experienced users to quickly audition different styles of compression in different areas of the frequency range.

Logic Pro’s MultiPressor is great but has nowhere near the palette of sound options found here.

Head over to McDSP and check it out. It’s currently available at an introductory sale price of $129.

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Eli Krantzberg
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