Toontrack Announce Superior Drummer 3 – First Look

a screenshot of the all new superior drummer 3 by toontrack

Toontrack has announced the release of a major update to Superior Drummer 2. Superior Drummer 3 will be released on September 12, 2017.

Superior Drummer 3

Superior Drummer 3 is a major update, with new kits, redesigned workflows, new drum audio to MIDI conversion, interface changes, and new mixer effects.

New Library, New Mixer

a screenshot of the new interface of toontrack superior drummer 3

The new library is a whopping 230 GB. In addition to all the standard drum micing positions, engineer George Massenburg used an additional eleven microphones in these recordings. They were set up in various surround configurations and can be used for anything from stereo up to 11.1 surround systems!

There are a variety of drum kits with a broad range of tom shell dimensions, as well as a selection of sticks, brushes, rods, mallets, and even drum heads on some of the kits. The new library also includes extra instruments and drum machine samples for stacking and layering. The updated mixer includes 35 insert effects, as well as new internal routing options for subgroups and group processing.

Drum Replacement

One particularly impressive new feature, particularly for a multi sample drum instrument like this, is the inclusion of a drum replacement function. It’s called The Tracker. This bridges the gap between live drums and sampled drums. It analyzes multi track drum recordings, does an audio to MIDI conversion, and elegantly allows for either replacing the source audio with samples or blending samples in with the live drum sounds. As a drummer with my multi track drum set up, I can see the appeal of this. It’s a great way to capture the nuance of a live performance while retaining control not only over the processing of the sound but of the actual drum sounds that are used!


Building on the approach Toontrack had started with EZ Drummer 2, the Grooves panel offers unprecedented searching and editing of MIDI drum patterns. There is a full featured grooves search browser as well as multiple song tracks with time and tempo editors, and a grid editor to modify the patterns. The days of a static list of fixed pattern options is ancient history.


Toontrack is releasing Superior Drummer 3 as a new product for first-time buyers, and are also offering generous crossgrade options for owners of Superior Drummer 2 or EZ Drummer 2. Superior Drummer 3 will be made available either as a download through the Toontrack Product Manager or with an option to purchase the library pre-installed on a solid-state drive.

Superior Drummer 3 – Pro Tools Expert’s First Look

Dan Cooper at our sister site Pro Tools Expert has had an early release in his hands for a while. Check out Dan’s great “first-look” video to see all this drum programming goodness up close:

Learn more about Superior Drummer 3 at the Toontrack website here:

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